Monday, January 31, 2011

Hi there!

Here comes todays card. I´ll post "how-To" later today,please be patient:)

Ok, here comes "How-To". Because my english is what it is, I´ll use pictures:)
I used 200g2 Fabriano paper.

Use Distress Ink "vintage photo" to the edges:

I hope you understand my How-To without much text:)


  1. This is incredible card, so bautiful.
    I notices you have three hands =)

  2. Wow! this is incredible!! LOVE the card!! GREAT job Soili!

    (three hands-- lol)

  3. I borrowed my daughter's hands :)

  4. It's every crafters wish to get a third hand, now available
    in a craftstore near you.... LOL

    Just kidding, your card-box is lovely Soili.
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  5. Fabulous and gorgeous! yes, I too love that third hand...put a smile on my face....crafter's dream at times!

  6. Soili-Maria...

    You did an AMAZING job with this! what a wonderful how to... a picture is truly worth a thousand words... and your finished project is stunning! Bravo!!!