Monday, April 25, 2011

Aunt Lovell on the couch

I am going to try to make up for forgetting it was Tuesday last week by posting early.  Got to do it when I am thinking about it or something will distract me and's Wednesday already! Am I the only one that that happens to?
Last year I got certified in Copic markers and a whole new world opened up to me.  Love these markers and how well they work with the Art Impressions stamps.  They were made for each other!  Next month I am getting the opportunity to go to a new level.  Going to Columbus, Ohio for the Intermediate certification on May 13th. I am soooooo excited.
So here is a sample of Aunt Lovell on the Couch colored with Copic Markers. Thanks for looking...and if you like Copics or have a question...leave a comment and I will reply.

Stamps:  Art Impressions U-2618 "Lovell on the Couch"
Copic Markers:
E71, E70, E000, E21
B21, BV01, BV04
G20, G21
V0000, V01, V04
YR02, YR07


  1. Hi Mary,
    Very cute card! I am crazy about Copics! You will enjoy the intermediate class! I had the opportunity to take the first one with Marianne and the regional instructors. It was awesome!! They are an awesome team! Get ready to go to a new level with your art work and have fun!!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  2. Oh...I am so jealous! I would feel blessed to just meet Marianne! How cool. I know it will be a long day but I just can't wait. Did you take your own markers or use their's? We are driving to Columbus so I could carry them with me...just don't know if I want to bother.