Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Garden Birdhouse

Good morning Bloggers! With spring arriving and the songs of birds floating in the air I thought I would post this sample I did last year. I am in South Carolina and we are going to have a beautiful day.  The sun is shinning and the storm passed during the night so everything is freshly watered.  Hope you are able to get outside today and enjoy nature. Have a great day!
Garden Birdhouse

Art Impressions D-3550 Garden Birdhouse 
Art Impressions BB-2061 Small Vine
Art Impressions M-2312  Small Oval
Masquepen (masking fluid)
140# Cold Press watercolor paper
Rubber Cement pick-up eraser
Watercolor brush size 4-6
White plastic Palette

Ink D-3550 Garden Birdhouse using #45.  Pull color from lines using a damp brush.  Using the fine tip of #45 and ruler, draw post.  With damp brush pull color from lines.  Dab on masking fluid to areas where flowers will be placed.  Allow to dry thoroughly.  Mix #15 and water on palette and brush on green "cloud" around birdhouse.  Ink BB-2061 Small Vine using #15.  Stamp around Birdhous and soften with damp brush.  When dry, rub off masking fluid.  Brush in flowers using #20 Magenta and mix with small amount of water and picking up color off of palette.  Mix #43 Brilliant Yellow and brush in yellow centers to flowers.  Brush on color to birdhouse from palette using #20 Magenta and #8 Violet mixed with water.  With fine tip of #45 darken in doorways.  


  1. What a lovely card! Now I have to add that stamp to my ever growing wish list!

  2. Deloris, This stamp, Garden Birdhouse also comes in part of a set (WC Series 7 Set 2 (Sku#3545)) which includes a nice bench with a cat curled up sleeping and a small cart with flower pots. I think you would like the set. It comes unmounted on cushion for about $20 with 6 stamp
    Enjoy! Mary

  3. Mary... how lovely! You did a wonderful job with this card! thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks Dawn...now if I could just remember when it is Tuesday! lol

  5. What a beautiful card. I love the birdhouse and the purple just looks so great on those flowers and the birdhouse