Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Envelope Art

Hi Everyone,
How about taking a break from worrying about Christmas presents and decorating and all the other things that goes with this holiday season.

Have you every decorated the front of the envelope?? Just think of everyone who gets to enjoy your art. The mail clerks and the mail man and of course the person who the envelope is addressed to.

Wouldn't you love to send this out, or better yet receive this?? I added a few dots to add additional interest to the envelope. Don't forget, don't use glitter. Jams up those electronic machines. But I have used the Spica glitter pens from Copic to add that sparkle we love add to the images, with not a problem.(But I would not use the Spica pen on mail to a service person.)

The stamp set used on this envelope is from the Country EA2 set UM4061.
Click here to check out all the stamps in the Envelope Art series.There are quite a few and I am sure you'll find something that suits your needs.

Tomorrow we will be introducing the next weekly challenge so try to stop in to see what the theme is.



  1. I'm sure the postal workers along with the person who receives it will smile when they see that envelope. Great job.

  2. Wow beautiful job....I'll order at least a dozen of

  3. This is so pretty. It's as pretty as I'm sure the card for the inside will be!