Monday, March 9, 2015

Beach home by Kerry

Hello Ai friends and happy Monday!

I'm sharing a fun simple watercolor card using just the beach home from the Beach TriFold set.
I absolutely adore that set.  Just the sight of the beach, it totally make me smile and happy.  
I'm just dreaming to live in this little house on the beach.  
(Dreaming away... Hehe!) 


  1. You picked the perfect image to be done as a watercolour! Great card, Kerry!

  2. GORGEOUS, Kerry!!! I'll meet you there, ok?? We'll sit on that beach all day and drink cocktails! :)

  3. Love the water colours! Something I really want to try! beautiful card and I'm with Sharon, I'll meet you both there!

  4. Totally ladies, that sounds great! I'll bring some yummy goodies and we can even have a great Ai retreat! :D