Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Birdie & Eggnus with Karen Day

Hello Ai fans!
I had SO much fun making today's card!  Next to card making, knitting is my big hobby - so when I find a knitting themed stamp - I'm a happy girl :o)  Today's card features Birdie & Eggnus (sku#U1836),  and since "Twine Time" is our current Ai challenge theme, I decided to knit with a little Baker's Twine, and add it to my card:
I started by casting on four stitches onto 2.75mm knitting needles, and I knit about 5 rows.  Then I transfered the stitches onto these little toothpicks that I found at a dollar store - the ends of them are shaped which make them look a lot like tiny knitting needles.
I love that Ai stamps come packaged with a full colour illustration (which I pretty much copied exactly!)  These just happen to be the first chickens that I've ever coloured, and it was so helpful to have a picture to go by.  Here are Birdie & Eggnus before I added the knitting:
A few of the details:
And the Copics that I used:
Happy stamping everyone :o)


  1. This is adorable Karen! Love your coloring and knitting dimension - what a fabulous idea!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  2. Love the card! This is a great idea the knitting and needles. Your coloring and paper on card is perfect.

  3. Cutest idea ever! That's hilarious! Love those bird brains.

  4. You are just TOO CLEVER! Love it, my friend!

  5. Great idea for needles and knitting 3d look , I love it : )

  6. This is a super cute card. The knitting really makes it special! What a super idea...