Thursday, January 21, 2016

Periscope at 10 AM PT! Three Questions for You! [Replay Linked]

Hello Ai Fans!

We just wrapped up a Periscope from our offices and want you to join in the fun!

View the Replay Here! 

Note: Replay is only available for 24 hours!

Today's Periscope is a question and answer session with YOU! We have 3 things we want some feedback on. If you are unable to watch live, you can answer our questions here in the comments!

Three Questions
1. What would you like to see on our Periscope channel?
2. What are your favorite stamps from Ai?
3. What stamps would you like to see in the future?

Thanks to those of you that joined us!

Happy Stamping!


  1. Would love to see small sets of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa stamps.

  2. I'd love to see some more watercolor sets. Maybe some more flower containers and other flowers as well. Love the watercolors stamps

  3. 1 More watercoloring on Periscope
    2 The tine/watercolorstamps
    3 little animals for watercolor/scene stamping
    But I enjoy playing with what I have aswell....
    Have a fun weekend!

  4. Small animals for watervolr scenes, love the mouse and hamster. Would like more. More containers and scenes watercolors. More snowmen and dogs

  5. I was on the periscope, but I will share my answers here anyway.

    I just discovered the watercolor stamps about two months ago, and I LOVE them. I understand that the inspiration books that were published with each project are now going out of print, and I'm very bummed about that, as I do much better with a written tutorial than watching and trying to follow on video. (I did buy the watercolor video and I've watched it, but it's not the same as having a non-moving image to look at closely.) So more in-depth tutorials would be awesome -- even having some on the blog, if you could! (I noticed that the smaller new sets, like the flower cart, don't really HAVE even the minimal instructions on the back, and that is something I'd love to see re-introduced. Those are really helpful on the sets that do have them.)

    What else? I'd like more animals to coordinate with the watercolor landscapes, particularly more cats. I love the little sleeping kitty on the bench, but I'd like some more active cats! And just more critters in general. (And, yes, I have the tryfold furries and feathers sets. And a few of the dogs.)

    On periscope, I'd like to see demos of what the new stamps and dies can do. I have ideas, yes, but I'd like to see what the sliders look like in action, and what the new mini tryfolds look like in detail, and how the cinch dies work, etc.

    As for my favorite stamps, hmmm. I mostly have lots of the watercolor sets and a bunch of the doorways sets (someone was selling their collection on ebay and I lucked into it, which is awesome and frustrating at the same time, as there is very little on the web about those sets, and I want to know if you stamp the window first and THEN mask it off and put the shop items inside or do something else. And how the fridge can I find some of the older sets that pop up in an image search?!) I especially like the English countryside and the Garden set (love that sleepy kitty!) and would love more in that vein. Flowers in containers just don't do it for me.

  6. Can you put the periscope videos on YouTube later? I am not currently interested in Periscope. I love your watercolor series stamps, but also like the Windows ones and Try Folds.