Monday, March 21, 2011

Water color Beach Scene

Today was the official first day of Spring so......Let's go to the beach!  It is going to be in the mid-80's here in South Carolina tomorrow so I thought I would share with you some water coloring I have been doing.  I have broken the pictures down in steps so you can see the progress as you water color.  I am using Marvy LePlume markers and #140 Strathmore water color paper.

Step 1.  Stamp H-2724 Cloudline using #99 Periwinkle on water color paper.  With a damp brush gently pull out some of the color from the lines shown.

Step 2.  Scribble a small dab of #100 Sapphire onto palette.  Dip your brush in water and dilute with a very small amount of water.  Pick up color off the palette with your damp brush and apply to the top of the clouds simply "coloring in the sky" above the clouds using light strokes and fading color upwards

Step 3.  Using the same technique, apply a small amount of #20 Magenta to the clouds for color.
Using a ruler, measure about 1/4" below the cloud line and draw a horizontal line the length of the water line (horizon) using the fine nib of #99 Periwinkle
On palette apply a small dab of #34 Pale Green and #101 Tropical.  Add a small amount of water and mix colors.  Apply color under the horizon line that was drawn under the clouds.  Apply water using straight brush strokes back and forth.  Water will be darker in the center and closer to the horizon.

 Repeating the same technique of applying color and water to palette and then brushing on, apply sand using a small amount of #30 Rosewood.

Step 4. Finish picture using stamps of your choice..
I used:  E-2713 Swaying Palm Trees, G-2736 Pond,
AA-1283 Ferns, D-2727 Large Ferns, E-1476 Birds,  I always like to add some kind of life to my water color pictures and Art Impressions has a good selection of the right proportion, flying birds, sitting birds, groups of birds, butterfly, squirrel, etc.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you will gather your paint brush, Marvy Markers and Art Impression  water color stamps and jump in the water.  Thanks for looking and all comments are appreciated. Have a great day!  (Instructions from Art Impressions Watercolor Book 3)

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Dawn said...

Gorgeous Mary! Thanks for the amazing Tutorial! Love it!