Monday, April 4, 2011

Center step card

Well, you might have seen this card before...

This week current challenge was... create shaped card. Here's the template, if you like to try it too.
It's very easy to make, I folded four or five cardstock before I got one right =) But it was worth of it. 
Notice: The measurements must be right.

Here's the template

If you like to make smaller card you find another template from here.

I color image with distress ink and use the inks from the bottle not from the pad. You can also use marvy markers and spread them with water and brush. Colors spread differently in different papers. I used Canson Montval aquarelle paper. Quality of the paper is the most important thing.
You should try different papers and find which one you like most.
First put the color to of the shadow lines and spread with water. Add more ink to the shadow lines if needed. Stir at least two colors together so you can get lifelike surface ( i used google translator, don't know what went wrong) =)

And YES, this is one of the new Girl Friend 2011 stamps.

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