Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zoo Crew's Feathered Fiasco by Jessica Griffin

Hi friends! Hope you're enjoying your weekend. I've been working with the new Zoo Crew images, and had the pleasure of working with Feathered Fiasco!
He's so cute, I almost fell bad for him when I saw his sad little face! :( I know those days, all to well!

I did a quick video while coloring the Flamingo and water. Unfortunately, I've been having some computer/camera problems while recording, and it cut out before I could finish. But, you'll be able to see the colors I used, and the process. Also how simple it is to use FlexMarkers. When you buy the sentiment it does come whole. As in, "bad day in progress... stand clear" as one stamp. However, to get the words to stamp around the Flamingo as such, I had to cut them apart. It wasn't too difficult, but, I do suggest if you are going to cut them apart, make sure you have a good pair of scissors!

Lastly, people ALWAYS ask me what paper I use. I never think to add it into my posts, but I always use the same paper. I buy it at the paper mill! When I lived in Texas I bought from Clampitt Paper. Their prices are great! Anyways, I use Finch Fine Color Copy 80#. I really like their paper, but love that they make paper with our Environment in mind.

Well, that's all from me today! Happy Saturday friends, have a great weekend!

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