Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sarah's Business

Hello Ai Fans! This week I want to introduce you to Sarah.  

Sarah is just chillin', working her business - selling vegetables. She has the sweetest smile on her face. To me it looks like she's dreaming. I think she's dreaming of how big her business is going to be!

First I colored Fronts and Backs Sarah and the stand. Next I cut them out. I also cut around her elbows so that she would be able to place them on the stand shelf. I used a black marker to line around the edges. I do that with all images I cut out.

Since Sarah's back is the larger piece, I arranged the inside first. I used a light pencil mark to show me where the back side of the stand should be placed. After adhering the stand inside, I used the craft knife to cut out the window. 

I lined the front of the stand up with the hole and adhered it. TIP:  Use liquid glue to allow more time to position your pieces exactly where you want them. If you find your hole does not quite line up, you can add some color all the way around.  Another option is to just cut the hole a little larger than the image before adhering.

I used the black marker to edge around the inside of the hole.  Next I placed Sarah. I added adhesive to her hat, face and shoulders, leaving her elbows free. I used liquid glue to place her behind her stand, so I could get her just right before pressing down.  For Sarah's produce,  I stamped the barrel and crate first, masked the tops and stamped the veggies. I colored them and cut them out.

Supplies Used:

This was a fun card to make and really quite easy! Please come back tomorrow to see what amazing project Crystal has to share!

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