Thursday, June 30, 2022

Tiny Card Scene by Mercy Sauer

 Hello folks, welcome back to what I call a “bonus week”. This is Mercy with a fun project to finish off the month of June. I created a MB tiny card (from the matchbook series set 5318) with critters from the Barnyard Cubbies set (5180).

It’s the perfect combination to create a unique tiny card !

Let’s take a look at the cute scene I created 

I used the envelope die since the side panels are smaller (however, the template dies from 5317 would also work). 

The next thing I did was to think of the scene and the elements I needed. This is where the small critters came in. They are the perfect size!

Next, I created a “pop-up” hill. To do so, I matched the dimensions from one of the existing sets (I have Chapel set 5496) against the hill I created. I matched the dimensions and fold turned out perfect. 

At this point I created a back scene for my tiny card 

Pretty easy, and I was ready for assembly! To do so, I folded small pieces of acetate in half as shown below,

I used double sided tape on one side of the tab to adhere the card element and the other side to adhere the assembly (with the element) onto the card. You can see the acetate behind the fence. I used the same method to adhere the cow, the fence and the chicken. All the other elements were adhered directly to my card panel.

Finally, I closed the tiny card and decorated the outside of the envelope. I also added the back support to ensure the whole thing stands on its own.

This was so fun to create...when I craft the world slows down, and this tiny card slowed my world down for a couple of hours. Super fun and relaxing. 

I’ll be back next week, see you then!

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