Saturday, February 5, 2011

This is a card for a friend (text is in Finnish.. :)
These lovely friends, Lucy and Trudy, are perfect choice for Valentines Day card. Please notice, that AI have two or even three sizes most of the Golden Oldies-stamps!! Is this great or what! You can find mini Lucy and Trudy here:) I usually like to use big images in my card, because basic-style in my cards is simple, and I like that image is the main-subject in my cards. But then when I want put much flowers or diffrend kind of paper or something like that to my card, I like use smaller images!
Have a nice and sunny weekend!!


  1. I know I have already commented on this, but I so love it, the colors you chose, your coloring. One day I will win the challenge and buy me that image!!!

  2. PS What does the sentiment say in English? Curious!

  3. Thank You Carolina Girl (Cely) your comments!! I have had computer-problems, but now this maschine is ok:) Text is: "To friend" in english..