Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Water color Barn

Water Color Barn

It was learning how to water color using Art Impression stamps that took my card making to a new level.  I discovered that I could use these stamps to create not just cards but small pieces that looked like art….and so easily. I love using the individual stamps to create multiple scenes.  We all need value for our purchases.

If you have not tried this technique I encourage you to do so.  The stamps are now available in sets and Bonnie has produced a DVD that works with each of the 3 sets allowing you to create so many different scenes….and that is just the beginning. If you have watched her water color on Utube you know how easy she makes it to follow step by step.  

Whether you purchase the DVD or not I would advise you to buy the water color pamphlets that are available.  There you will find easy step by step instruction giving you everything you need to know to make your own scenes.  

So what are you waiting for….…
I appreciate any comments or questions. Happy Stamping!

Art Impressions Water Color Barn Q-2311                         
Art Impressions Leaves A-893                                           
Art Impressions Water Color Wagon J-2418                        
Art Impressions Small Grass Clump AAA-1378                   
Art Impressions Water Color Planter C-2454
Art Impressions Tiny Grass AA-1374
Art Impressions Tall Grass AA-1370
Art Impressions Salvia B-2432
Art Impressions Stalks BB-2055
Art Impressions Tiny Flowers AA-1368
Marvy Markers: #40, 86, 45, 93, 28, 15, 43, 8
Paint Brush Round #5 or #6


  1. Mary, I love your watercolor barn. You did a great job. I love the AI watercolor technique, and it is fun making the scenes.

  2. Mary, your water-colouring is wonderful! Love this work!!

  3. Great card! I love working with the watercoloring stamps. I spent yesterday afternoon playing with them. So many different scenes can be created with just a handful of stamps.

  4. The water color stamps are truly a fave of mine...They can make great scenes and art work a snap! Gtreat job on your card, Mary!
    Love it!

  5. I love it! Looks great! I really need to practice with mine. I can watercolor pretty decent (i.e. filling in the color) but I'm not so good at building the scene.

  6. Really like how you have created the scene. Your coloring is beautiful.

  7. You've created such a beautiful scene here. Great job with the WCing. I'm terrified to try these. Especially after seeing what I'm up against. You color like a pro!

  8. Thank you all so much for your kinds words but I must give credit where credit is due. Bonnie created the scene not me...and I did the water coloring by following her steps in the Art Impressions pamphlet. Renee, don't be afraid to try it. Watch Bonnie's Utube video's or by the DVD. I learned primarily from going thru each pamphlet step by step and repeating the project until I thought it compared to Bonnie's. Keep trying and as they say, practice practice practice.

  9. Mary your talent is be on measure. I love the water color barn. Wish I had your talent.