Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sally Swimmer by Reneé Matarese

Hello Ai Fans!

Since I've pretty much made nothing but Christmas cards lately I was in the mood to do something completely opposite.  I hadn't yet used this adorable Ai People image called Sally Swimmer Set (Sku#4323) so I thought I'd put her to use.

Winter's not even 1/2 over here in upstate NY and I was in need of something bright and cheery today.  Not that I mind the winter.  My family and I took a nice winter walk in our woods yesterday with the 2 dogs.

This is my handsome 15 yr. old son Dominick and our dogs Boomer and Hannah from our walk yesterday.



  1. Love your card, but especially love the photo of your handsome son and your beautiful dogs.

  2. I absolutely agree, Renee! Love this bright and cheery card. Fun design and texture.