Wednesday, July 27, 2016

TWO NEW VIDEOS - Watercolor FAQs Panel with Bonnie, Kendra & Kate!

Hello Ai Fans!

Welcome to a very exciting Watercolor Wednesday! Today, we have collaborated with Kendra Krebs from Watercolor with Kendra to create TWO videos featuring many frequently asked questions or "What am I doing wrong?" answers when it comes to watercolor stamping. There are so many easy fixes and we want you to feel successful every time you use your stamps! Watch as we describe these quick tricks, as well as show them to you with tutorial videos!

We truly hope you enjoy these special videos! If you like it, please hop over to the Ai YouTube Channel and Watercolor with Kendra Channel to give them a "thumbs up!"

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Happy Watercolor Wednesday!


  1. Fantastic, ladies!! I love what you did here and am so appreciative of your hard work and talents!!! Thank you!!

  2. I loved both videos, all your videos. ;) But you lost me a little bit in Part 1. You were talking about the fact that if you want a teal pot you have to start with sepia. But the video following never mentioned sepia or teal, it was about leaving a highlight. I got the point of the demo, but I would like the sepia part explained. Sorry if I'm just dense. Thanks again for all the great tutorials!