Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is It Summer Yet?

Hello Ai Fans!
These two are ready for ready for 90 degrees and the beach.

I colored the Lounging Penguins (Sku#P3158) with Copic Markers and then masked them with masking fluid. Using fluid to mask is great when you have small areas you want to mask. I used an old craft brush to apply it.  This brush is dedicated to masking fluid.

After it dried, I placed masking tape down for the horizon line. I colored the sky by pulling color from the outside in using a blending tool and ink pad, leaving some areas light. A cloud template, cut from a die cut, is great for making clouds. Next, the ocean. I placed masking tape at the horizon line, and also to show where the sand will end. I used the same technique to pull color into the scene, using a darker shade blue.

For the sand, I laid down color with the same method and came back in using masking tape in the shape of small hills for texture.

Before I removed the masking fluid, I dabbed over it with a tissue to remove any wet ink and also made sure my fingers were clean.   I used a combination of an adhesive remover and my fingers to gently rub it all away. After all the fluid is removed, you can see any spots that need a cleaning up or changing.  I noticed that my blue chairs blending into the ocean, so I darkened the chairs.   I also did not cover masking fluid completely over my male penguin, so I got some ocean blue on him. To clean it up, I went in with a blue marker for shading.  As with cooking, it's not how well it comes out the first time, but how well you can recover from any mistakes. :o)

Please come back tomorrow to see what cool design Crystal has for you!!

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