Thursday, December 10, 2015

Santa Spinner by Diane Zechman

Hello Ai friends and happy Thursday!
Today I am sharing another spinner card from the CHA release, this one using the Santa Spinner stamp set (4678) and matching Santa Spinner dies (4697).   I also have a little tutorial on how I put together the spinners and attach the thread so it sort of gets "locked" in place.
Here's the jolly fella on a string...

...and here's the back of Santa as he spins!

First I held my red cardstock layer to the black base with removable tape and die cut an opening through both layers.  (The red layer is not attached yet.)

Next I measure to find the center of my opening and draw a vertical line with a pencil to use as a guide for placing my string.

This line can later be erased but mine will be covered with an inside layer.  Now the red layer can be removed.

I like to use crochet thread but you can use other thread or fishing line if you like.  On the card front, place a piece of strong double sided tape above and below the die cut opening.  Remove the paper backing on the tape, add the string to the top, and cover with another piece of tape.

Remove the backing from the second piece of tape and adhere the string down over it.

Gently pull the string taught, adhere and repeat the layers of tape on the bottom.  Trim the excess string.

Now lay the back side of your spinner underneath the string so it fits nicely in the opening and will spin freely.  Tape into place.

Adhere the front of your spinner image, aligning it with the back spinner image.  Now the spinner is completed and you may adhere the red layer to the card front.

Finish your card as desired and enjoy!  These spinners are SO fun!

Have a great day and… happy stamping!


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