Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Watercolor Throwback - Small Containers Video

Hello Ai Fans!

This week, we are going back to last year for a special throwback Watercolor Wednesday! Our Small Containers video is one of the most popular videos from the last year and we thought it would be a great refresher on creating sweet and simple watercolor images.

To start, she stamps all the flower pots in Sepia and begins filling them with our new WC Flower Set 2 and WC Foliage Set 2 New. To place the fillers perfectly in the pots, simply use a sticky note to create an easy mask. Bonnie then adds colors to the pots by using her markers on the palette and pulling the color with her brush. For the final touch, add some color below the pots so they have some ground to sit on, and you can pull color from the sides of the pots to set the scene. Don't forget to sign and date your mini masterpiece!

We hope you are enjoying all our new stamps! If you like this video, make sure to give Bonnie a "thumbs up" over on YouTube. While you are there, subscribe to our channel to be notified when new videos are available! Thanks for watching and we will see you next week!

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