Monday, July 30, 2018

Watercolor Beach Babes by Carol Hintermeier

Hello Ai Fans!

I had so much fun trying out watercoloring these fun gals!  I've wondered how the Marvy LePlume II markers would work on Bristol Smooth paper.  Well, I can say it works fabulously!  

The most important thing when using these markers on the Bristol Smooth paper is to scribble the marker onto a pallete, don't use too much water, and be careful to not "overwork" the area which would cause the paper to start pilling.  It was really very easy to use the markers this way!

For the skin tones, I was worried about what marker to use as I didn't have one that looked like a true flesh color.  So I experimented with #30-Rosewood by adding various colors to it.  I ended up blending #30 with a touch of #45-Sepia, and/or #6-Brown and watered it down quite a bit.  I had some #20-Magenta still on my pallete and actually added just a touch of that for a different tone.   I finished things up by adding some dots, stripes, and a few highlights with a white gel pen.

These girlfriends are so fun; and hey, we are all friends!!  Happy Monday crafty friends!

I used these Marvy LePlume II markers:
No. 2 Red, No. 5 Yellow, No. 6 Brown, No. 8 Violet, No. 11 Lt. Green, No. 13 Ochre, No. 15 Olive Green, No. 20 Magenta, No. 29 Prussian Blue, No. 30 Rosewood, No. 40 Brownish Grey, No. 43 Brilliant Yellow, No. 45 Sepia, No. 100 Sapphire, No. 101 Tropical

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