Thursday, May 19, 2022

Oh Baby! by Mercy Sauer

💖 Hello Friends, Mercy here with another week of crafty bliss 💖
This week I created five cards!

I wanted to showcase the amazing cuteness overload and versatility of this set. I love it!
The first two cards are very similar, a birthday party featuring the adorable critter friends. I used a small-scale brick background inked in blue and my favorite floor stamp to create the scene. For one of the cards, the sentiment color is the same as the floor, drawing the attention upwards towards the wall and critters. For the other, it's stamped the same color as the brick wall. Glossy Accent gives a whimsy shine to some elements on both cards. The mini slimline shape is perfect for the card with less critters, whereas, the larger full size slimline card is perfect for the second one. It’s a matter of balance between the critters, the background, colors and size. Oh, and pop ups, lots of pop ups

For the third card I created a simple heart shaped card. I love bird elements so I chose to make this little guy the star of the show paired with a very simple background that complements the blue bird. 

I love the fourth card. Using just the banners and two elements of the set highlighted by an oversized sentiment. I also masked the border to suggest it was popped up even though it was not. I reserved the added thickness for the critters and sentiments. Once again, a little Glossy Accent goes a long way. 
Note: The sentiment is no longer available but there are others that would work just the same.

Lastly the simplest of the five cards. The interest comes from popping up the center cut out panel by stacking up multiple layers of yellow cardstock. Subtle, yet punchy!

Check out this set, it’s super cute and fun to play with!
Have a great week everyone!

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