Ai Winner's Circle

April 11th - April 24th "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" #376
Top Spot:
Lucky Random Winner:

March 28th - April 10th "Pop It Up" Challenge #374
Top Spot: #9 Stephanie Serrano 
Lucky Random Winner: #12 Cynthia Olheiser

March 14th - March 27th 2024 "Color Challenge" #373
Top Spot: Lisa L.
Lucky Random Winner: Leslie T.

Feb. 29th -March 13th 2024 "Shake It Up" 
Top Spot: Francesca V.
Lucky Random Winner: Lisa J.

Feb. 15th - Feb. 28th 2024 "That's Ridiculous" 
Lucky Random Winner: Tasie

Feb. 1st - Feb. 14th  2024"You Spin Me Round" 
Top Spot: Liz Williams
Lucky Random Winner: Simone Carr

Jan. 18th - Jan. 31st 2024 "You're a Gem" #367
Top Spot: Zilla S.
Lucky Random Winner: April J.

Jan. 4th - Jan.17th 2024 "Clean Slate"
Top Spot: Mary Schwaderer
Lucky Random Winner: Roberta Bostrom

Nov. 30th - Dec. 13th 2023 "Clean & Simple" 
Top Spot: C.Dunn 
Lucky Random Winner: Kathy K.

Nov. 9th - Nov. 22nd 2023 "Making Spirits Bright"
Top Spot: Becca Yahrling 
Lucky Random Winner: April J.

Oct. 26th - Nov. 8th 2023 "You're Such a Square"
Lucky Random Winner: Stephanie Serrano

Oct. 12th - Oct. 25th 2023 "Give Us a Fright"
Top Spot: Beebeebabs
Lucky Random Winner: Dawn W

Sept. 28th - Oct. 11th "Christmas Came Early"
Top Spot: Fran K.
Lucky Random Winner: Linda M.

Sept. 14th-Sept. 27 "Fall into Fall"
Top Spot: Lorrie M.
Lucky Random Winner: Kristen B.

August 31st-Sept. 13th "Feeling Blue"
Top Spot: Cat L.
Lucky Random Winner: Debbie Hedges

August 17th- August 30th "All Wrapped Up" #358
Top Spot: De F.
Lucky Random Winner: Kathy A.

August 3rd-August 16th "Tag, You're It!"
Top Spot: Challenge by Tasie
Lucky Random Winner: Marianne H

July 20th - August 2nd "V is for Vacation!"
Top Spot: Lynn C. 
Lucky Random Winner: Carrie

July 6th - July 19th 2023 "Bonnie's Birthday"
Lucky Random Winner 1: Kathy Acres
Lucky Random WInner 2: Reetta

June 22nd - July 5th 2023 "Emboss like a BOSS!"
Top Spot: Stephanie Serrano
Lucky Random Winner: Debbie Vanguilder

June 8th - June 21st 2023 "Midnight Snack"
Lucky Random Winner: Dori M.

May 25th - June 7th 2023 "Fabulous Flowers"
Top Spot: Jean M.
Lucky Random Winner: Alma L.

May 11th - May24th 2023 "Furries & Feathers"
Top Spot: Carrie Sheridan
Lucky Random Winner: Nancy DeVore

April 27th-May 10th 2023 "Don't Fence Me In"
Top Spot: Debbie Hedges
Lucky Random Winner: Consuelo G.

April 13th - April 26th 2023 "April Showers"
Lucky Random Winner: Julie W.

March 30th - April 12th 2023 "Easter Wishes"
Top Spot: Ginger
Lucky Random Winner: Diana S.

March 16th - March 29th 2023 "Inside Out"
Top Spot:  Dori M
Lucky Random Winner:  Meghan K.

March 2nd - March 15th 2023 "Green Galore"
Top Spot:  Irene Rhodes
Lucky Random Winner: Becca Yahrling

Feb. 16th - March 1st 2023 "Bloom Where You're Planted"
Lucky Random Winner: Ann Myers

Feb. 2nd - Feb. 15th 2023 "You're My Everything"
Top Spot: Stamping Vicki
Lucky Random Winner: Sandi Hugget

Jan. 19th - Feb. 1st 2023 "Windows to the World"
Top Spot: Joanne Travis 
Lucky Random Winner: Annie Ito

Jan. 5th - Jan. 18th 2023 "Let's Celebrate"
Top Spot: Reetta H.
Lucky Random Winner: Vicki Gray

Dec. 1st - Dec. 14th 2022 "That's a Wrap"
Top Spot: Diane H.
Lucky Random Winner: Aimeslee

Nov. 10th - Nov. 23rd 2022 "Diamonds and Pearls"
Top Spot: Lynn
Lucky Random Winner: Carrie Sheridan

Oct. 27th - Nov. 9th 2022 "Stencils or Masks"
Top Spot: Ruthan Plant
Lucky Random Winner: Dori M.

Oct. 13th -Oct. 26th 2022 "Let's Hear it for the Boys"
Top Spot: Mary Bernard
Lucky Random Winner: Marianne H.

Sept. 29th - Oct. 12th 2022 "Buttons and Bows"
Top Spot: Debbie Hedges
Lucky Random Winner: Liz W.

Sept. 15th - Sept. 28th 2022 "It's Fall Y'all"
Top Spot: Diana Sheely
Lucky Random Winner: Bronna Sue

Sept.1st - Sept. 14th 2022 "Woodn't it be Nice"
Top Spot: Deb Vanguilder.
Lucky Random Winner: Irene R.

August 18th - August 31st 2022 "Dynamic Duo"
Top Spot: Andrea B.
Lucky Random Winnier: L. McGee

August 4th - August 17th 2022 "Pretty in Pink"
Top Spot: Reetta H
Lucky Random Winner: Beebeebabs

July 21st - August 3rd 2022 "Summer Fun"
Top Spot: Sintang Mayumi
Lucky Random Winner: D.VanGuilder

July 7th - July 20th 2022 "Perfect Plaid"
Top Spot: Mary C.
Lucky Random Winner: Leslie T.

June 23rd - July 6th 2022 "Zoo Crew"
Top Spot: Dori M.
Lucky Random Winner: Cecilia W.

June 9th - June 22nd 2022 "Tickle Our Funny Bone"
Top Spot: Melody O.
Lucky Random Winner: Marianne H.

May 26th - June 8th 2022 "Home is Where the Heart Is" #328
Top Spot: Michelle H.
Lucky Random Winner: Lynn C.

May 12th - May 25th 2022 "Wheelie Awesome" #327
Top Spot: Cynthia O.
Lucky Random Winner: De Furey

April 28th - May 11th 2022 "Up, Up & Away" #326
Top Spot: Nataša
Lucky, Random Winner: Irene Rhodes

April 14th - April 27th 2022 "Fun with Flowers" #325
Top Spot: Sue K.
ucky, Random Winner: Leeanne D.

Mar. 31st- April 13th 2022 "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" #324
Top Spot: De Furey
Lucky, Random Winner: Meghan Kennihan

Mar. 17th - Mar. 30th 2022 "Black Tie Affair" #323
Top Spot: Janet Kraft
Lucky, Random Winner: Deanna M.

Mar. 3rd - March 16th 2022 "You Take the Cake" #322
Lucky, Random winner: Consuelo “Chelin” G

Feb. 17th - March 2nd 2022 "Oceans of Fun" #321
Top Spot: Pamela Duncan
Lucky, random winner: Amy C. Moore 

Feb. 3rd - Feb. 16th 2022 We "heart" Hearts Challenge #320
Top Spot: Bronna Sue
Lucky, Random winner: Sintang Mayumi

Jan. 20th - Feb. 2nd 2022 "Shimmy & Shake" (projects with movement)
Top Spot: Irene Rhodes
Lucky, Random winner: Cynthia O.

Jan. 6th -Jan. 19th 2022 "Get in Shape" (Shaped projects)
Top Spot: Franci V.
Lucky, Random winner: A. Rose

Dec. 2nd - Dec. 15th 2021 "Happy, Happy Holidays"
Top Spot: Stephanie S

Nov. 11th-Nov. 24th 2021 : "I'm Thankful For..."
Top Spot: Beverly Sizemore

Oct. 28th-Nov. 10th2021 : "Feline Crazy"
Top Spot: Michelle H.

Oct. 14th - Oct. 27th, 2021: "Planes, Trains and Automobiles"
Top Spot: Molly K

Sept 30th - Oct. 13th, 2021: "Slimline Cards"
Top Spot: NatsPaperWorld

Sept. 16th - Sept. 29th, 2021: "Going Batty" (Halloween cards)
Top Spot: Amanda Nolt

Sept. 2nd- Sept. 15th, 2021: "Shaken, Not Stirred" (cards with drinks on them)
Top Spot: A. Rose

Aug. 19th-Sept. 1st, 2021 "Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh MY!"
Top Spot: Dia

August 5th-August 18 2021 "Cloudy with a Chance..."
Top Spot: Debbie Hedges

July 22nd-August 4th 2021"Funky Folds"
Top Spot: MCost

May 21st-June 2 2021 "Birthday Cards"
Top Spot: De Furey

May 7th - May 20th 2021 "Under the Sea"
Top Spot: Linda Dampier-Dicks

April 22nd - May 5th 2021 "Barn Dance"
Top Spot: Liz Williams

April 8th - April 21st "Person-ality"
Top Spot: Jane Haurunen

March 25th - April 7th "Ai Squared"
Top Spot: Helen F

March 11th - March 24th "Itty Bitty"
Top Spot: Nancy K

February 25th - March 10th "Love is in the Air"
Top Spot: April W

February 11th - February 24th "Best of 2020"
Top Spot: Cynthia Olheiser

January 21st - February 3rd "Celebrate with Ai"
Top Spot: Beverly Sizemore

January 7th - January 20th "Resolutions"
Top Spot: Arlene Rose

December 10th - December 18th "Reason for the Season"
Top Spot: Jennifer Lewis 

November 26th - December 9th "Pet Project"
Top Spot: Jane Crisci

November 12th - November 25th"Borders"
Top Spot: Reetta

October 29th - Nov 11th "Surprise!"
Top Spot: Ginger McNally

October 15th - October 28th "Tiny Treasures"
Top Spot: Dori 

October 1st - October 14th "Scenic Route"
Top Spot: Carol

September 17th - September 30th "Handmade Holidays"
Top Spot: Diane

September 2nd - September 16th "To Die For"
Top Spot: Shanti Nathan

August 27th - September 2nd "Quick & Simple"
Top Spot: Jeanne Jordan

August 13th - August 26th "Tropical Treat"
Top Spot: Ginger McNally

July 30th - August 12th "Cards for Kindness"
Top Spot: Megan Decker

July 16th - July 29th "Sparkle & Shine"
Top Spot: Roberta Bostrom

July 2nd - July 15th "Rustic Roundup"
Top Spot: Deanna Furey

June 18th - July 1st "You Make Me Laugh"
Top Spot: Dori Mendiola

June 4th - June 17th "Animals & Nature"
Top Spot: Maureen Morton

May 21st - June 3rd "All Layered Up"
Top Spot: KraftyAunt

May 7th - May 20th "You're Invited"
Top Spot: Connie Chapman

April 23 - May 6 "Best Friends"
Top Spot: Lisa Lynn

April 9 - April 22 "Kid at Heart"
Top Spot: Linda Kleman

March 26 - April 8 "Bloom Where You're Planted"
Top Spot: Ruthan Plant

March 12 - March 25 "Spring Celebrations"
Top Spot: June Page

February 27 - March 11 "Home Sweet Home"
Top Spot: Andrea Borries

February 14 - 26 "Movers and Shakers"
Top Spot: Lynn Dionne

January 28 - February 13 "Give it Away"
Top Spot: Irene Rhodes

January 16 - 29 "Shades of Pink"
Top Spot: Bev's Creative Path

January 2 - 15 "Hugs and Kisses" (273)
Top Spot: Heidi at My Little Stamping Blog

December 12 - 18 "Animal Cards" (272)
Top Spot: Lorraine A
Honorable Mention:  Linda Damepier-Dicks
Honorable Mention:   Cynthia Olheiser

November 21 - November 27 "Anything Goes" (271)
Top Spot: Ca sem
Honorable Mention: Reetta
Honorable Mention: Nancy

November 7 - November 20 "Couple Cards" (270)
Top Spot: Lorraine A
Honorable Mention: Irene Rhodes
Honorable Mention: Lynda/PaperArts Cafe

October 24 - November 6 "Holiday Cards" (269)
Top Spot: Monika Gulyas
Honorable Mention: Leslie Miller
Honorable Mention: KraftyAunt

October 10 - October 23 "Tags or Ornaments" (268)
Top Spot: Janet K
Honorable Mention: Helen
Honorable Mention: Reetta

September 26 - October 9 "Make it Sparkle" (267)
Top Spot: Jan Garber
Honorable Mention: Lisa Lynn
Honorable Mention: Janet K

September 12 - September 25 "Use Circles" (266)
Top Spot: Ca Sem
Honorable Mention: G.W
Honorable Mention: Reetta

August 29 - September 11 "Watercolor Stamping" (265)
Top Spot: Helen F
Honorable Mention: Deanna M
Honorable Mention: Ca Sem

August 15 - August 28 "Gotta Gingham" (263)
Top Spot: Reeta
Honorable Mention: Mary Ann
Honorable Mention: Helen F

August 1 - August 14 "Coffee Cards" (262)
Top Spot: NanaConnie
Honorable Mention: Pamela Duncan
Honorable Mention: Irene Rhodes

July 18 - July 31 "Animal Print" (261)
Top Spot: Reeta
Honorable Mention: Anesha
Honorable Mention: Carina!

July 4 - July 17 "Birthday Cards" (260)
Top Spot: Donna Whitten
Honorable Mention: Alli C - Creative Clark
Honorable Mention: Andrea B

June 20 - July 3 "Shaker Cards" (259)
Top Spot: Charne
Honorable Mention: Funtography
Honorable Mention:  Amy Marshall

June 6 - June 19 "Desktop Decor" (258)
Top Spot: Janet Kraft
Honorable Mention: Beverly Sizemore
Honorable Mention: Cynthia O.

May 23 - June 5 "Furry Friends" (257)
Top Spot: Carina!
Honorable Mention: Beverly!
Honorable Mention: Irene!

May 9 - May 22 "Shaped Cards" (256)
Top Spot: Reetta Heimonen
Honorable Mention: Beverly Sizemore
Honorable Mention: Janet K 

April 25 - May 8 "Interactive Cards" (255)
Top Spot: Anna Tracy!
Honorable Mention: Cjcape521!
Honorable Mention: Carina!

April 11 - April 24 "Best Friends" (254)
Top Spot: Rosa! (Scrap Con R)
Honorable Mention: Amy Marshall
Honorable Mention: Super Stick Chick

March 28 - April 10 "Outdoor Scenes" (253)
Top Spot: Helen F
Honorable Mention: Irene Rhodes
Honorable Mention:  Katrin

March 14 - March 27 "Cutting Edge" (252)
Top Spot:  Bev
Honorable Mention: Charne
Honorable Mention: Reeta

February 28 - March 13 "Floral Cards" (251)
Top Spot: Andrea Borries
Honorable Mention: Amy Marshall
Honorable Mention: Milene Tiberius

February 14 - February 27 "House or Cottage" (250)
Top Spot: Helen F
Honorable Mention: Janet K
Honorable Mention: Heidi

January 31 - February 13 "Strips and Circles" (249)
Top Spot: Natasa
Honorable Mention: Amy Marshall
Honorable Mention: Kathy A

January 17 - 30 "Lots of Hearts" (248)
Top Spot: Carina
Honorable Mention: Funtography
Honorable Mention: Debbie Rumpza

January 3 - January 16 "Pretty Pastels" (247)
Top Spot: Irene Rhodes
Honorable Mention: Amy Marshall
Honorable Mention:  Three Crafting Angels

November 29 - December 12 "Anything Goes" (246)
Top Spot: Rosa
Honorable Mention: Charne
Honorable Mention: Kara Lynne

November 8 - November 21 "Washi Tape" (245)
Top Spot: Cynthia Olheiser
Honorable Mention: Irene Rhodes
Honorable Mention: Susan

October 25 - November 7 "Lots of Layers" (244)
Top Spot: J. Atterbury
Honorable Mention: Helen
Honorable Mention:  Reetta

October 11 - October 24 "Add Embellishments" (243)
Top Spot: D. Ann
Honorable Mention: June
Honorable Mention: Kara Lynne

September 27 - October 10 "Vibrant Colors" (242)
Top Spot: Lorraine
Honorable Mention :Katrin
Honorable Mention: Susan

September 12 - September 26 "Circle Elements" (241)
Top Spot: Heidi
Honorable Mention: Irene Rhodes
Honorable Mention: Reetta

August 30 - September 12 "Bookmarks & Tags" (240)
Top Spot: Debbie Rumpza
Honorable Mention: Gail Taillifer
Honorable Mention: Amy Marshall

August 16 - August 29 "Treat Bags" (239)
Top Spot: Milene
Honorable Mention: Inez
Honorable Mention: Lisa

August 2 - August 15 "Card & Envelope" (238)
Top Spot: Lisa
Honorable Mention: Lorraine
Honorable Mention: Milene

July 19 - August 1 "Summer Vibes" (237)
Top Spot: Lorraine
Honorable Mention: Katrin
Honorable Mention: Charne

July 5 - July 18 "Masculine Cards" (236)
Top Spot: Katrin
Honorable Mention: Gail Taillefer
Honorable Mention: Lynn

June 21 - July 4 "Patriotic Colors" (235)
Honorable Mention: Dorothy
Honorable Mention: Liz

June 7 - June 20 "Odd Animals" (234)
Top Spot: Milene
Honorable Mention: Helen
Honorable Mention: Bonnie

May 24 - June 6 "Door Openings" (233)
Top Spot: Roberta
Honorable Mention: Crystal
Honorable Mention: Janet K

May 10 -  May 23 "Playing Dress-Up" (232)
Top Spot: Rosa
Honorable Mention: Amy Marshall
Honorable Mention: Irene Rhodes

April 26 - May 9 "Winged Things" (231)
Top Spot: Lisa Javoric
Honorable Mention: Susan
Honorable Mention: Cynthia

April 12 - April 25 "Good Goes Around" (230)
Top Spot: Helen F
Honorable Mention: Nela
Honorable Mention: Milene

March 29 - April 11 "Gatefold Cards" (229)
Top Spot: Gail
Honorable Mention: Carol
Honorable Mention: Reetta

March 15 - March 28 "Perfect Pastimes" (228)
Honorable Mention: Dandi93
Honorable Mention: Amy Marshall
Honorable Mention: Helen F
Honorable Mention: Janet K

March 1 - March 14 "Feel the Love" (227)
Top Spot: Katie O
Honorable Mention: Amy Marshall
Honorable Mention: Susan

February 15 - February 28 "Anything Goes" (226)
Top Spot: Janet K
Honorable Mention: Amy Marshall
Honorable Mention: Helen F

February 1 - February 14 "Sweet Treats" (225)
Top Spot: Jo Ann Atterbury
Honorable Mention: Gail Taillefer
Honorable Mention: Irene Rhodes

January 18 - January 31 "Feel the Love" (224)
Top Spot: June
Honorable Mention: Milene
Honorable Mention: Irene Rhodes

January 4 - January 17 "Anything Goes" (223)
Top Spot: Shari
Honorable Mention: Helen
Honorable Mention: Katrin

November 30 - December 13 "Funny & Punny" (222)
Top Spot: Amy Marshall
Honorable Mention: Janet K
Honorable Mention: Nela

November 9 - November 22 "Tag It" (221)
Top Spot: Janet K
Honorable Mention: Irene Rhodes
Honorable Mention: Melissa O

October 26 - November 8 "Third Dimension" (220)
Top Spot: Randveig
Honorable Mention: Joanna Moore
Honorable Mention: Irene Rhodes

October 12 - October 25 "Stamp a Scene" (219)
Top Spot: Cynthia O
Honorable Mention: Kathy A
Honorable Mention: Lynda

September 28 - October 11 "Jiggle a Little" (218)
Top Spot: Lynn
Honorable Mention: Irene Rhodes
Honorable Mention: Joanna Moore

September 14 - September 27 "Flowers & Foliage" (217)
Top Spot: Heidi
Honorable Mention: Ruza
Honorable Mention: Yoorah

August 31 - September 13 "Off Kilter" (216)
Top Spot: Karen Amidon
Honorable Mention: Heidi Stamps
Honorable Mention: Joanna Moore

August 17 - August 30 "Orange and Purple" (215)
Top Spot: Irene Rhodes
Honorable Mention: EK Gorman
Honorable Mention: Milene

August 3 - August 16 "Showered with Love" (214)
Top Spot: Beverly
Honorable Mention: Lisa Lynn
Honorable Mention: Katie O

July 20 - August 2 "I'll Text You" (213)
Top Spot: Milene
Honorable Mention: Margo
Honorable Mention: Funtography

July 6 - July 19 "Bling, Glitter and Glossy" (212)
Top Spot: D.Ann
Honorable Mention: Milene
Honorable Mention: Andree

June 22 - July 5 "Create a Background" (211)
Top Spot: Irene Rhodes
Honorable Mention: Funtography
Honorable Mention: Super Stick Chick

June 8 - June 21 "Let's Distress" (210)
Top Spot: Milene Tiberius
Honorable Mention: Dot J
Honorable Mention: Funtography

May 25 - June 7 "White Space is Nice Space" (209)
Top Spot: Karren J
Honorable Mention: Beverly
Honorable Mention: Katie O

May 11 - May 24 "Dots & Stripes" (208)
Top Spot: Kalla Walla
Honorable Mention: EK Gorman
Honorable Mention: Margo Smith

April 27 - May 10 "One Layer Ladies" (207)
Top Spot: Monika Gulyas
Honorable Mention: Funtography
Honorable Mention: Milene

April 13 - April 26 "Make it Mini" (206)
Top Spot: Nela
Honorable Mention: Katie O
Honorable Mention: Liz

March 30 - April 12 "Wish you FELT Better" (205)
Top Spot: Milene
Honorable Mention: Reetta Heimonen
Honorable Mention: Dot J

March 16 - March 29 "Spring-y Cards" (204)
Top Spot: Sabrina
Honorable Mention: Milene Tiberius
Honorable Mention: Jana

March 2 - March 15 "Let's Watercolor" (203)
Top Spot: Dot
Honorable Mention: KatieO
Honorable Mention: Zora

February 16 - March 1 "Playful People" (202)
Honorable Mention: Linda M
Honorable Mention: Maria A

February 2 - February 15 "Lots Of Love" (201)
Top Spot: Karren
Honorable Mention: Nela
Honorable Mention: Margo

January 19 - February 1 "Spring Fling" (200)
Top Spot: Cynthia
Honorable Mention: Dot
Honorable Mention: Katie

January 5 - January 18 "Card Resolutions" (199)
Top Spot: Darnell
Honorable Mention: EK Gorman
Honorable Mention: Allie Kostiuk

November 24 - December 14 "Shake a Little" (198)
Honorable Mention: Lynda
Honorable Mention: Rosali

November 10 - November 23 "Slide On By" (197)
Top Spot: Nataša
Honorable Mention: Lisa Lynn
Honorable Mention: Linda M

October 27 - November 9 "Prep for Christmas" (196)
Top Spot: Carolina
Honorable Mention: Tricia O
Honorable Mention: Lindsay

October 13 - October 26 "'Til You Wobble" (195)
Top Spot: Melissa O
Honorable Mention: Karren Johnson
Honorable Mention: Natasa

September 29 - October 12 "The Perfect Pair" (194)
Top Spot: Heidi Stamps
Honorable Mention: Cynthia

September 15 - September 28 "Cards to Die for" (193)
Top Spot: Rosali
Honorable Mention: Cynthia
Honorable Mention: Amy Marshall

September 1 - September 14 "Watercolor Stamping" (192)
Top Spot: Funtography
Honorable Mention: Janet Craver 
Honorable Mention: Tricia O

August 18 - August 31 "Too Cute to Spook" Challenge (191)
Top Spot: Krisha
Honorable Mention: Karren
Honorable Mention: Terri

August 4 - August 17 "Glitter & Shimmer" Challenge (190)
Top Spot: Patti Olson
Honorable Mention: Margo Smith
Honorable Mention: Janet K

July 21 - August 3 "Sweet Summertime" Challenge (189)
Top Spot: Heidi
Honorable Mention: Amy Marshall
Honorable Mention: Linda M

July 7 - July 20 "Anything Goes" Challenge (188) 
Top Spot: Maria K
Honorable Mention: Beverly
Honorable Mention: Carol H

June 23 - July 6 "Slide on By" Challenge (187)
Top Spot: Rosy
Honorable Mention: Natasa
Honorable Mention: Linda M

June 9 - June 22 "Aging with Attitude!" Challenge (186)
Top Spot: Mary Ann Fry
Honorable Mention: Karren
Honorable Mention: Laurie Pickerel

May 26 - June 8 "Layer It On Me!" Challenge (185)
Top Spot: Natasa
Honorable Mention: Kelly
Honorable Mention: Sandra Cogdill

May 12 - May 25 "Laughing WITH You" Challenge (184)
Top Spot: Dotty Jo
Honorable Mention: Terri Thill
Honorable Mention: Amy Marshall

April 28 - May 11 "Creative Critters" Challenge (183)
Top Spot: Jenny
Honorable Mention: Stamperamma
Honorable Mention: Cynthia

April 14 - April 27 "Show Off Your Stamp" Challenge (182)
Top Spot: Rosali
Honorable Mention: J Atterbury
Honorable Mention: Linda M

March 31 - April 13 "Add a Brad (Or Eyelet)" Challenge (181)
Top Spot: KraftyAunt
Honorable Mention: Loikkeliini
Honorable Mention: Natasa S.

March 17 - March 30 "Watercolor & White Pen" Challenge (180)
Top Spot: Karen Amidon
Honorable Mention: Maureen Morton
Honorable Mention: Stephanie Serrano

March 3 - March 16 "House & Home" Challenge (179)
Top Spot: Jo Ann
Honorable Mention: Eulalia
Honorable Mention: Melissa

February 18 - March 2 "Shake, Rattle & Roll" Challenge (178)
Top Spot: Linda
Honorable Mention: CG!
Honorable Mention: Funtography

February 4 - February 17 "Love, Love, Love" Challenge (177)
Top Spot: Jo Ann
Honorable Mention: Margo Smith
Honorable Mention: MiamiKel

January 21 - February 3 "Paper Piecing Party" Challenge (176)
Top Spot: Diane Futrell
Honorable Mention: Linda M
Honorable Mention: Stephanie

January 7 - January 20 "Winter Wonderland" Challenge (175)
Top Spot: Agnieszka
Honorable Mention: AmyWho
Honorable Mention: Krisha

November 26 - December 16 "Ready for Resolutions" Challenge (174)
Top Spot: Melissa
Honorable Mention: Karen Amidon
Honorable Mention: Katwondoo

November 19 - November 25 "Rudolph Red & Evergreen" Challenge (173)
Top Spot: Charne
Honorable Mention: Agniszka
Honorable Mention: Tami

November 5 - November 18 "Be Merry" Challenge (172) 
Top Spot: Ashlee Bellinger
Honorable Mention: Elina Hutton
Honorable Mention: Cynthia

October 22 - November 4 "Use Water-based Inks" Challenge (171) 
Top Spot: Nathalie Foumier
Honorable Mention: Jenny
Honorable Mention: Marie-Pierre Capistran

October 8 - October 21 "Let's Go for a Spin!" Challenge (170)
Top Spot: Eva
Honorable Mention: CraftyPaws
Honorable Mention: Tami

September 24 - October 7 "Shake it Off!" Challenge (169)
Top Spot: Nathalie Foumier
Honorable Mention: Karen Amidon
Honorable Mention: CraftyPaws

September 10 - September 23 "Cut Your Cards" Challenge (168) 
Top Spot: Melissa O
Honorable Mention: Elina
Honorable Mention: Agnieszka M

August 17 - September 9 "Southern Style" Challenge (167) 
Top Spot: Cynthia
Honorable Mention: Linda
Honorable Mention: Elina

August 13 - August 26 "Anything Goes" Challenge (166) 
Top Spot: Eulalia
Honorable Mention: Jodi
Honorable Mention: Charne

July 29-August 12 "Create a Card Set" Challenge (165) 
Top Spot: Karen Amidon
Honorable Mention: Angela
Honorable Mention: Elina

June 16-July 28 "In With The New" Challenge (164) 
Top Spot: AmyWho
Honorable Mention: Karen Amidon
Honorable Mention: Kalla Walla

July 2-June 15 "Create with Christmas" Challenge (163) 
Top Spot: Doni High
Honorable Mention: Brenda
Honorable Mention: Agnieszka M.

June 18-July 1 "Red, White and Blue" Challenge (162) 
Top Spot: Maureen Morton
Honorable Mention: Jenny
Honorable Mention: Amy Marshall

June 4-June 17 "For the Fellas" Challenge (161) 
Top Spot: Karen Amidon
Honorable Mention: Pirjoliini
Honorable Mention: Gail L.

May 21-June 3 "Cards with Movement" Challenge (160) 
Top Spot: Meisie's Doodles
Honorable Mention: Brenda Turner
Honorable Mention: Cynthia O.

May 15-May 20 "Lovely Ladies" Challenge (159) 
Top Spot: Tracie Clary
Honorable Mention: Retro Dolly
Honorable Mention: Maureen Morton

April 23-May 14 "April Showers Bring May Flowers" Challenge (158) 
Top Spot: Jenny
Honorable Mention: Cynthia O.
Honorable Mention: Angieszka Moskal

April 10-April 22 "Make Me Smile" Challenge (157) 
Top Spot: Sandi's Samples
Honorable Mention: Sue Kment
Honorable Mention: Stephanie S.

March 26-April 9 "Spring Colors" Challenge (156) 
Top Spot: Melissa
Honorable Mention: Linda
Honorable Mention: Margo

March 12- March 26 "Vintage Vibe" Challenge (155) 
Honorable Mention: Amy H. - "Contains Run" Card
Honorable Mention: Melissa O.

February 26- March 12 "Tie It Up" Challenge (154) 
Honorable Mention: Stephanie S.

February 13-February 26 "Front and Back" Challenge (153) 
Honorable Mention: Diane Zechman - "Disco" Card

January 29- February 13 "Have a Heart" Challenge (152) 

January 15 - January 29 "Java Love!" Challenge (151) 
Honorable Mention: Amy - "Maude" Card
Honorable Mention: Linda M. - "Maude" Card

January 8 -January 15 "What's New" Challenge (150) 
Honorable Mention: Diane - "Fire Out" Card

October 23-November 6 "Humor+Puns!" Challenge (147) 
Honorable Mention: Stephanie S. - "29 Again" Card

October 9-October 23 "Fancy Folds" Challenge (146) 
Honorable Mention" Amy H. - "Main Squeeze" Card
Honorable Mention: Linda M. - "Madge" Card

September 25-October 9 "Holiday Sparkle" Challenge (145) 

September 13-September 25 "Purple, Orange & Black" Challenge (144) 

August 28-September 13 "Front & Back" Challenge (143) 
Honorable Mention: Terri Thill - "Walter" Card

August 14-28 "Show Off Your Sentiment" Challenge (142)
Honorable Mention: Amy H. - "Cupcake BFF's" Card

July 31- August 14 "Like an EmBoss" Challenge (141) 
Honorable Mention: Deb Vee - "Bear Hug Set" Card

July 17-31 "Big Birthdays" Challenge (140) 
Honorable Mention: Amanda - "Buzzard Set" Card
Honorable Mention: Linda - "Fire Out Set" Card

July 3-17 "Use a Doily" Challenge (139) 

June 26-July 3 "Inspiration Sequin" Challenge (138) 

June 5-26 "Hip to be Square" Challenge (137) 

May 23-June 5 "OWH" Challenge (136) 

May 8-May 22 "Cute as a Button" Challenge (135) 

April 24-May 7 "Anything Goes-Masculine" Challenge (134) 
Honorable Mention: Angie Boutiller
Honorable Mention: Sharon Caudle

April 10-23 "Best of Friends" Challenge (133)

March 27-April 9 "Getting Girly" Challenge (132)

March 13-26 "Take A Peek" Challenge (131)

February 27-March 12 "Sheer Perfection" Challenge (130)
Honorable Mention: Karen Amidon - "Celeste" Card

February 13-26 "Let's Get Krafty" Challenge (129)
Honorable Mention: Hempukka - "Wine Tasters" Card

January 30-February 12 "Pop It Up" Challenge (127)
Honorable Mention: Linda M. - "Golfers" Card
Honorable Mention: Polden - "Bear Hug" Card

January 16-29 "Trips Ahoy" Challenge (126)
Honorable Mention: Margs - "Celeste" Card
Honorable Mention: Maryann - "Up and Away" Card

January 2-15 "Expect the Unexpected" Challenge (125)

December 5-Decenber 17 "Merry & Bright" Challenge (124)
Honorable Mention: MelissaO - "Melvin" Card

November 7-November 20 "Gobble Till You Wobble!" Challenge (123)

October 31-November 13 "Holly Jolly Christmas" Challenge (122)
Honorable Mention: Melissa O - "Kin" Card

October 17-October 30 "Perfect Papers" Challenge (121)
Honorable Mention: Joni52 - "Cathy Caffine" Card

October 3-October 16 – “Fun Folds” Challenge (120) 

September 19-October 2 “Anything Goes” Challenge (119)

September 5-September 18 "Oh My Chickens" Challenge (118)
Honorable Mention: Terri - "Small Birdie" Card

August 22-September 4 "People Parade" Challenge (117)
Honorable Mention: Minnamanna - "Dotty" Card 

August 8-August 21 "For the Dogs (& Cats)" Challenge (116)
Honorable Mention: Dana - "Ruff Day" Card
Honorable Mention: Linda M - "Woof" Card

July 25-August 7 "Simply Sentiments" Challenge (115)

July 11-July 24 "Twine Time" Challenge (114)

June 27-July 10 "Floral Frenzy" Challenge (113)
Honorable Mention: Linda M - "Gossip Club" Card

June 13-June 26 "Masculine Cards" Challenge (112)
Honorable Mention: Linda M - "Cliff" Card

May 30-June 12 "Use Eyelets or Brads" Challenge (111)

May 16-29 "Show Your Bow" (110)

May 2-15 "Theory of Negativity" (109)
Honorable Mention: Karen Day - "Millie" Card
Honorable Mention: Pat K. - "Girlfriends" Card

April 18-May 1"Layer It Up!"(108)
Top Spot: Jenny Gropp - "Happy 29th Set" Card
Honorable Mention: Barb Thompson - "Nurse Norma" Card
Honorable Mention: Amanda J. - "At the Movies" Girlfriends Card

April 4-17 "BFFs or Girlfriends" (107)
Top Spot: Tracy MacDonald - "Comfy on Couch" Card
Honorable Mention: Lorraine A - "Bingo Jean" Card
Honorable Mention: Karen Day - "Staying Afloat" Card


Queen Bea Scraps said...

I just found out today (4/12/17) that my card won the #202playfulpeople challenge for AI.
I guess I submitted my card and forgot all about it because I've never won something like this. So needless to say, I was very surprised to find out that I actually wow.
I love creating scene cards so this card was so fun to make. Thanks

KathyA. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Debbie Rumpza said...

What do I do if I won? I didn't know! LOL.. Thank you for giving me the honor of top spot for August!

ellyscard creatief said...

Are there no winners or spotlights anymore?