Wednesday, February 8, 2017

NEW VIDEO! Cottage and Fence Watercolor featuring Molotow Masking

Hello Ai Fans!

Welcome to a NEW Watercolor Wednesday! We had such a wonderful reaction to last week's video featuring the Molotow Masking Markers, that Bonnie wanted to challenge you with a more advanced image! Bonnie created a cute picket fence using the Molotow and then set the cottage from our WC Series 8 Set 2 in the background with our Stamp Positioner. Next, it's simply filling with your Flower & Foliage sets. Lastly, remove the masking fluid and add dimension by brushing on #86 African Violet (now back in stock!) and using the fine point for details.

We hope you love the video this week! Thank you so much for watching and following along! Make sure to "like" and subscribe to let us know you enjoy our videos! We can't wait to see what you create!


  1. Love it! Thanks for the continued inspiration.

  2. Super! I always have the feeling that I have to start right away...!

  3. Oh my gosh!! this is lovely!!! Must get that Cottage set #2, it's just gorgeous.
    Thank you for the fantastic inspiration, you make it look so darn easy.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  4. So beautiful! love watching all the videos.
    May I make a suggestion, will you please post of finished photo on the blog of the project with out all of the supplies in it, it would be a great help to me and I hope others.