Sunday, May 20, 2012

A barrel full of monkeys?

No, but how about a jar full of nuts?
Each spring my sister's fertility Dr. rents out the Syracuse Zoo
for all of his success stories.  They get to spend the day at the zoo and he can see how the kids are growing!  I can attest that my niece is growing like a weed!  My sister asks me each year to make him
a little gift.  (little because, let's face it...she's already given the man her life savings!) 
This is a jar of mixed nuts that's about the size of a gallon of milk.  Just the right size to feature
three ADORABLE Art Impressions animal images. 
They can be found in The Zoo.

I used Grizzly (Sku#P1886).
 Laughing Chimps (Sku#T1556)
 Croc (Sku#M1184)

 Here's Grizzly.

 They're all colored with Copic markers.

Here's the croc.
He's brand new to me...I couldn't wait to use him!

The quote was found on my PC when I google
funny zoo verses.

 Last but not least, here are the laughing chimps.

The verse on top was printed from my computer.

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  1. hehehe Renee. Very cute and very funny!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!