Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Snowman and His Buds

Hello Ai Fans! This week I'm hangin' out with a snowman & penguins

I stamped the image onto watercolor paper, sprinkled with emboss powder, and heat set.
Next, I used water based markers to watercolor each image.  I worked in one small area at a time using  a combination of direct and in-direct methods to fill in color. For the direct method, I colored directly onto the paper with the markers and then spread the color with a water brush, starting in the lightest area - and always starting with a clean brush.  In very small areas, I colored a small amount and left part of the area without color - that would be the "lightest" color that I started  in with the water brush. For the in-direct method, I scribbled the marker onto a pallet and picked up color with a water brush.  As with traditional water coloring, I wet the area first.

 Here's an example of coloring direct.

One of the reasons I love this technique, is that it is very forgiving. :o) If you find a hard line, you can re-wet the whole area with clean water and the line magically disappears!  If you want to darken an area, you can add more color. If you want to lighten an area, you can add clean water and dab with a clean paper towel. 

For the background, I ran a white ink pad over the emboss folder (on the side that was raised) and then embossed it.    

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