Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Time to Put the Boat Away

Hello Ai Fans! This week I'm giving you a view of the lake, just before we put the boat away. :o)

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler - it's time to let summer go.  Here's one last view with the boat in the water. To make this card,  I stamped the images onto watercolor paper, sprinkled with emboss powder, and heat set.

Next, I used water based markers to watercolor each image.  I worked in one small area at a time using  a combination of direct and in-direct methods to fill in color.  For the direct method, I colored directly onto the paper with the markers and then spread the color with a water brush, starting in the lightest area - and always starting with a clean brush.  In very small areas, I colored just a small amount and left part of the area without color - that would be the "lightest" color that I started in. For the in-direct method, I scribbled the marker onto a pallet and picked up color with a water brush.  As with traditional water coloring, I wet the area first.  TIP: if you want more contrast, you can add a darker color after an area drys - this works with both methods. Be sure to still wet the whole area, so you don't get hard lines.

I fussy cut out all the images. I used a craft knife to cut out the inside of the window front and back. In thinking about placement on the base cards, I had to consider how the door and window would fit on the front, while making sure the window on the inside of the card fit. 

I drew a light pencil mark on the side of my window and cut out a square for the opening.  The wonderful thing about the Front and Back images is that they line up so you don't have worry about cutting detail in your base card.  I lined all the images with a black marker. 

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