Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Wishes with Bunny frame

Hi AI Fans!

This cute scene is a great stamp  Bunny Frame.
This Motive is fine in it self, so I just put a bow in the corner.
I used two different sizes on the  letters, otherwise there would have been room for both words
Here I show how to make bows.
I made a ribbon tools of plastic. It should be as wide as you want the bow.  Here I found a plastic ruler that I cut a gash in. But it also goes well with a lid from a ice cream jar
Picture 1.Start to wrap  twice around  the ruler.
Picture 2. Stick the end of the ribbon thru the gash.
Picture 3. When you get the end of the ribbon again, make an ordinary knot
Picture 4. Now you have a finished bow. Take it off and correct it if it´s necessary.
Cut off the ends, depending on how long you want them and burn gently at them, then they do not fray.

Want to wish you all a very
Happy Easter!.

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