Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Christmas Witch by Cheryl Valadez

Hello Ai Fans!  Cheryl here!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  No doubt about that!  BUT...even though the air is thick  with Christmas Cheer and joyous melodies beat a familiar tune on your eardrums, the holidays can be stressful.  The list of stress factors is long...invariably there is a shortage of time or money; that perfect gift eludes you; or you realize that you mistakenly left a special someone off your Christmas list, but not before they're standing in front of you thrusting a lovingly wrapped present towards you while you stare blankly at them, empty handed, of course.  

All of these scenarios are daunting, but have no fear, the Christmas Witch is here!  Sure, she's not one for shopping, she can't add hours to the day, or money to your bank account, but she CAN make you smile and sometimes that's all it takes to turn the day around :)   

Happy Holidays from the Christmas Witch (Witch Wanda)!  Find her in the Art Impressions Shop along with a myriad of other lovely, smile inducing images ;)

Stay crafty!

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