Sunday, April 23, 2017

Loungers by Reneé Matarese

 Hello Ai fans!

Today I'm sharing a fun card made with the 4473 – Loungers Set found over at Art Impressions.

(and yep...I realize I missed two of their lips.  I colored them before I sent the card.)

These beachy sunny days are just about upon us in the northeastern U.S.  Not long before we'll be opening our pools.

Here's the inside. "At our age we can be anything we choose to be...we choose fabulous!"


Y11, Y15, T5, BV23, C0, C3, C7, RV52, R00,
R85, BG01, BG02, BG05, BG10, BG15, BG34, 
BG49, E00, E02, E33, E41, E43, E50, E81, E93


Dotty Jo said...

Gorgeous card! Jo x

Karen Day said...

Your papers are so perfect for your scene! Gorgeous colouring, Renee!

Cindy Littler said...

Great card!!!! Don't worry about the lips. These fabulous "old broads" are from a time where nude and white lipstick were the fashion.

Renee Matarese said...

Ha Ha!! Thanks! My mom actually had some white lipstick when she was young! Don't call her an old broad though. She's recently eligible for senior discounts and she makes her granddaughters say the "60's and Sensational" discount. I love her!

Sharon Caudle said...

Love the scene you created here, Renee! I was going to say the same thing! In the 60's white lipstick was all the rage. LOL! ummmmmmm.....I learned that little tidbit from my mom. (and if you believe that - I've got some ocean front property in Nevada I'd love to sell you!) :) Fantastic card!

Dot J Freel said...

Love this!

diane zechman said...

Cute card! Love the pink drinks! I probably wouldn't have noticed the lips. Lol!

Kerry said...

Got to love the beach babes! Awesome card Reneé, don't even noticed at all. I think they look cool just the way they are. <3

Cheri Burry said...

Super cute and love the cork for the sand! Don't worry about the lies they are wearing zinc on them....LOL