Sunday, January 6, 2019

Happy Birthday Ole Buck! by Reneé Matarese

Hello Ai fans!

Today I'm sharing two cards made with the 5043 – Ole Buck Set.
I live in a small, rural community so pretty much everyone hunts.
As soon as I saw this set I knew who my first card would be for!

I work in an elementary school and we recently had one of our 5th grade teachers get transferred to the middle school to become a 6th grade science teacher.  We were all so sad to see him go. He's a big time hunter AND his birthday falls during hunting season!!  I knew I had to make him a card for all of us to sign and send over to him so he knew we didn't forget about him.

He loved the card and even sent me a photo showing me where he displayed it. 

This is the inside of his card.  I left it mostly white inside to give several of us a place to write a message to him.

Here's the other version I made.  They're similar but I used some of the other smaller accent stamps for this one.

Here's the inside of my second card.
You'd laugh if you could see my school during November.  We don't have very many male teachers but they LOVE their "no shave November" because it keeps their faces warmer when they hunt.

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