Thursday, October 31, 2019

Three Halloween Cards With the Fright Night Stamp Set- by Crystal

Hi Ai Fans!

I might have gotten a little carried away this week with cards. I was having so much fun with the Fright Night Stamp set that I ended up making three cards with it.

This first card of course would be perfect for a friend who enjoys wine. So cute ghosts drinking wine. I think they are so different and not something I would expect. Oh and the sentiment "THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND!" way too cute. 

This would be good for anyone! I love the stamped bubble letters spelling out "SPOOKY" they are so cute not at all spooky. 

I stamped the sentiment onto a tag "IT'S HALLOWEEN... ANYTHING GHOST!" 

These animals riding away on a broom are adorable. 

Spectrum Noir Markers: 
CR11, CR4, CR9, IG2, IG5, IG7, EB2, EB4, RB1, RB2, PL2, PL4, CG1, CG3, GY1, GY3, CT4, GB6, GB9, GB10, Blender

Happy Stamping! 

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Bunny said...

I love the Fright Night set. It's adorable.