Thursday, December 17, 2015

Diane's top 5 picks from 2015

Hello Ai friends and happy Thursday!
Starting today we are sharing our top 5 favorites from 2015.  I think I need to it's almost impossible to choose only 5!  I love ALL the hilarious and heart-warming Ai images I have worked with.  I gave it a try, though, and here are the 5 cards I chose.
A valentine with our pal Val...

The Spec-tacular Ai mouse...

Our caffeine-lover Cathy...

I've gotta include the fun Robe Spinner!

And my last card is a sweet little sprout...

BUT...if you will let me sneak in ONE is one I just posted with the NEW Ai People images.  I absolutely LOVE this line!

All the next week we will be sharing our top 5 faves so be sure to keep checking back on the Ai blog!
Happy stamping!


  1. Great Top 5 picks Diane! They are all adorable!!

  2. A pretty awesome collection of cards! I have more than a few Diane Z cards saved on my Pinterest boards!

  3. Love each and every one of them, Diane! Maybe we should pick the top 50 instead?? :)

  4. Great selection! (I smiled all the way!)

  5. I'm with you, not sure how i'm going to pick five!! But you did great!! Love your style!!

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