Sunday, November 30, 2014

A little LOVElle for my friend by Reneé Matarese

Hello Ai fans!

Today I'm sharing a card with a purpose.  I have a co-worker who's going through a rough time right now.  She found out a couple of months ago that she has bone cancer.  She's already previously beat thyroid cancer so this is pretty scary for her.  She's such a strong and wonderful woman that I wanted to give her a little "pick me up."  She loves dark chocolate so I put a candy bar in LOVELLE'S hand.

I put a bar of dark chocolate in a big clear envelope with the card.

Sometimes she doesn't feel like eating but when she does...I know this will make her very happy.
Isn't this saying just perfect?

  Stay Balanced (Sku#G4196)
I used my laptop to print off the teeny, tiny little Hershey Bar for her to hold on to.

**This is an amendment to my original is 12-2-14.  I left this card and the chocolate bar on my friend's desk yesterday.  She told me that she had half the candy bar gone before she finished reading the card!  She said that she laughed pretty hard when she read it and said that's "so her."  She couldn't wait to show her other friends.  She doesn't exactly look like Lovelle.  She's really fit...kayaks,  runs 5K's and gets up at 5 am to do circuit training.  Sometimes I swear she just does all that so she can eat all the chocolate she wants!  Go K!  You're constantly in my thoughts!

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