Wednesday, July 12, 2017

VIDEO - Trellis & Ornate Urn Watercolor

Hello Ai Fans!

Welcome to a new technique for Watercolor Wednesday! This week, Bonnie created a small trellis inside a decorative urn with only three stamps and three markers! We just love this look, which would also be great for masculine cards!

Bonnie starts by stamping the urn from our WC Ornate Container Set and marking the trellis lines with a Molotow Masking Marker. You will want to let the masking dry for about five minutes before you start stamping. She then pulls the color from the lines of the urn and adds decorative elements with the African Violet marker from the WC Palette. She continues to fill in with the vine from our WC Foliage Set 1 and branch bundles from our Chest of Flowers Set. With everything dry, you can rub off the Molotow with your finger, or an eraser to get any remnants. Bonnie finishes the image with some extra accents of the foliage and flowers over the trellis and a couple branches on the outsides from our Clay Pot Set. Don't forget to sign and date!

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