Wednesday, August 30, 2017

NEW VIDEO - Arch with Nearby Village Watercolor

Hello Ai Fans!

Welcome to another Watercolor Wednesday! This week, Bonnie creates a stunning, larger scene with a beautiful column arch and two structures inside. Bonnie starts by inking the arch from our WC EZ Project C in two different colors, African Violet and Sepia. She stamps the arch off a couple times so it's not too dark and then removes areas for vines, foliage and flowers before stamping on her watercolor paper. She then uses the Tuscan villa from our WC Series 9 Set 1 on the two different sides with our Stamp Positioner. After pulling the color from the lines, Bonnie adds vines and flowers to the arch and around the structures. To finish the image, Bonnie uses color from her palette to add color to the sky, hills or roofs.

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Happy Watercolor Wednesday!

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