Wednesday, August 9, 2017

NEW VIDEO - Tropical Veranda Watercolor

Hello Ai Fans! 

Welcome to a new Watercolor Wednesday! Last week, Bonnie used one of our older Project Series releases and had such great feedback, she decided to share this Veranda from our WC Series 2 Set! She starts by stamping the image in African Violet and pulling the color out of the lines and then adds a flower pot in the same color off to the left, image from our WC Ornate Containers Set. She then puts the Tropical marker on her palette and fills in the seascape inside the Veranda posts. Bonnie then begins to build the climbing vines and (gasp!) inks the entire vine! The vine from our WC Foliage Set was made with columns in mind and this is the perfect place to use them! Bonnie then adds ivy vines from our WC Foliage Set 2 New around the flower pot. Finally, she fills the image with three kinds of flowers and some dry branches. For a final touch, she adds some sky off in the distance.

We hope you enjoy this week's summer-themed video! We always appreciate a "thumbs up" and subscribe on our YouTube! If there are specific projects you would like to see, make sure to leave a comment on this video. Who knows, maybe you'll see Bonnie create it next week! Happy Watercolor Wednesday!

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