Wednesday, January 31, 2018

NEW VIDEO - Three Birdhouses in a Pot

Hello Ai Fans

We have another fabulous Watercolor Wednesday this week to push your work to the next level! Bonnie adds three birdhouses hanging on plant hooks into a half-barrel flower pot. Bonnie starts by inking the half-barrel from our WC Rustic Container Set in #45 Sepia marker and stamping it onto her Canson XL watercolor paper. She pulls the color from the lines and then adds three shepherd hooks with her ruler and the fine tip of the Sepia marker. Next, she uses our Stamp Positioner to perfectly place the birdhouses from our WC Bird Bath Set, and adds color to them from her Ai Palette. Bonnie adds vines, grasses, and flower bunches from our staple sets, WC Foliage Set 1 and WC Flower Set 1, and some taller buds from our WC Fall Set. To finish the image, she uses the Stamp Positioner to add a blue jay to the top of the tallest birdhouse.

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Happy Watercolor Wednesday!

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Jil Lebel said...

This is a beautiful spring watercolor. It's great to have Bonnie back on Wednesday's. I was really missing the video's!