Saturday, March 17, 2018

Watercolor Weekend Roundup! Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung, and we hope you are enjoying the beginnings of flowers near your home! Our three-member Watercolor team is here again to share some more beautiful projects featuring some of our newest watercolor stamps! Take it away, team!

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Hello Watercolor Friends,

I made this card for the Art Impressions Watercolor Weekend roundup. I stamped the window from the brand new 5014 - WC Window Set. That adorable fox is from the brand new 5016 - WC Mini Critter Set. The bricks on the walls are from the new 5019 - WC Wall Texture Set. My foliage and flowers are from 5007 - WC Foliage Set 3 and 4868 - WC Flower Set 2.

Tricia Kennedy - Instagram
Welcome to another Watercolor Weekend. My framed project, “Easter Bunnies”, is a perfect accent for your spring decor. 

Start off by stamping the sitting bunny from the Bunnies Set in a combination of African Violet and Sepia to create a steel grey, mask, stamp the half barrel from the containers set in Sepia, mask and finally stamp the peeking bunny in African Violet and Sepia. Remove the masks and pull the color from the lines of the bunnies using your brush and water outward and away. This will give the appearance of predominately white bunnies, but also pull a little grey in for their shadows. Pull the color on the barrel and scribble a little Sepia on your palette to brush onto the barrel and darken up the shadows. Take the fine tip of Sepia to darken the horizontal lines. Mask the bunnies and barrel and stamp in the foliage from Foliage Set 3 in Olive Green. Stamp in the filler flower from Flower Set 1 in Rose Pink and the tall flowers from Flower Set 3in Wisteria, Violet and Olive Green. Using the grasses from Foliage Set 1 and Foliage Set 3 to stamp around the sitting bunny and barrel and pull the color. Remove the masks and add a little Rose Pink onto your palette and brush onto the cheeks and ears of the bunnies. Scribble some Salvia Blue onto your palette and brush in for the sky. Add dot detail around the tall flowers in Violet and around the filler flowers in Rose Pink.


Marvy Le Plume II Markers: 8 Violet, 15 Olive Green, 45 Sepia, 57 Rose Pink, 60 Salvia Blue, 62 Wisteria, 86 African Violet

Tricia O'Bin - Blog - Instagram - YouTube - Pinterest - Facebook
Welcome back! Today I thought I would share a quick and easy project creating this spring watercolor watering can from the 5012 – WC Wishing Well Mini Set. I decided to take a small break from winter projects and try out this watering can from the Art Impressions new releases. Check out my blog for all the project details. We are looking forward to seeing what projects you make this weekend…make sure you tag us!

Way to go you three! What beautiful floral projects!

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Happy Stamping!


Jil Lebel said...

I love all three watercolor projects. They're all so beautiful. I'm always so inspired by each one of you.

Sharon Caudle said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Gorgeous work ladies!!!

see mary stamp said...

Definitely a breath of spring. Love these new watercolor sets.

Cheri Burry said...

Love them all sure makes me wish Spring was her already!