Sunday, April 26, 2020

Let's Bake Some Memories by Reneé Matarese

Hello Ai fans!

Today I'm sharing a card that I made for a student.

This card came about because of my birthday.  My birthday is March 14 but that was a Saturday this year.  The 5th graders at my school figured out that Wednesday the 11th would be the last time they'd see me before that.  The kids didn't have school Thursday or Friday. They asked if we could celebrate on Wednesday.  I decided to bake enough cookies so that all of the kids (and of course all of my work friends) could have two cookies each.  Let me tell you...that's a lot of cookies!

This set is from the Work and Play line.

13 lbs. of dough!!
I made about 175 cookies.


One of the girls told me they were the best Chocolate Chip cookies she had ever had and asked if we could trade recipes. I used my grandmother's recipe that I have tweaked and she had her grandmother's shortbread recipe.  Well, unfortunately, that was the last time I saw her.  They announced the school closure on my birthday that Saturday.  Though I had to work Monday to help get their learning bags together the kids haven't been back to school.  I decided that shouldn't stop us though.  I made her this card and sent my recipe to her.  Hopefully she and her family will "Bake some memories!"

Copics used:
E01, E17, E40, E53, E93, E97, E99,
B45, B93, YG11, R46, R85, W00, C4, N4


see mary stamp said...

I have this set and love your cards. I hope you'll share your recipe with us too - especially if they are the best chocolate chip cookies your student ever had. Wishing you and your students all the best and even if you are not physically together the rest of this school year, I'm sure you will continue to make wonderful memories with them.

Susan J said...

I will have to buy this set, it is so cute. Where did you find the die cuts for the kitchen tools and the apron?
Wishing you more baking memories!

Rosy Newlun said...

This is one of the cutest cards ever!!! I love all the little details and die cuts you added! I'm sure they will bake some memories! And I hope you share the recipe, although mine is extremely good, just not as rich as a shortbread but mmmmmmmm!!!!

Ms. Tamp said...

Those are looking so tasty. Is there a link to the recipe? Would like to give the cookies a try.

Renee Matarese said...

Hello Ladies! Thank you all for your kind comments. I wasn't sure how to reply to you other than here. Hopefully you'll see this or look back at the blog. I've added the recipe to the post. Hope you all enjoy them! As for the apron die...the link is at the bottom of the page. For some reason the picture isn't showing but the link is working. Stay safe and keep crafting, baking and cooking! It keeps me sane!

Sharon Caudle said...

This card seriously could not be any cuter!! I love everything about it!! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe for your cookies, and I sure hope everything is back to normal before the start of school in the fall. Sending you big hugs and thank you for all you do for our kids!!