Wednesday, May 17, 2017

NEW VIDEO - Bunny on a Stool Watercolor

Hello Ai Fans!

Welcome to a new video for Watercolor Wednesday! This week, Bonnie transforms our Wooden Chair Mini Set to create a sweet stool for one of our WC Bunnies to rest on. Bonnie starts by only inking (or rubbing off with your thumb!) the front sections of the wooden chair, leaving the back line off. Bonnie then takes our Stamp Positioner to perfectly place the bunny on the stool, and then connecting the back lines and darkening the facial features. 

After pulling the color from the lines with a damp brush, she adds the tall grasses from our Garden Wagon Set and our large grass with our new marker color, #32 Laurel Green. Bonnie brushes in some sky with a mix of #17 Steel Blue and #100 Sapphire with the use of our WC Palette. Bonnie then adds the tall flower from our Flower Cart Set and adds the idea of the tree with our large foliage from our WC Foliage Set 1. Bonnie finishes the image by adding color and shadow to the bunny and two butterflies using our heart-shaped flowers from WC Flower Set 2!

We want to see what you're creating! Make sure to share your images with us on Instagram with the hashtag #AiWatercolor! If you enjoyed this and our other Watercolor Wednesday videos, make sure to give us a thumbs up on YouTube and subscribe to be notified of new uploads!

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Teresa Doyle said...

I totally enjoyed this Bonnie! Thank you!

katieo said...

Love this Bonnie. I will have to try it with a cat since I haven't bought the bunny set yet.