Friday, August 18, 2017

NEW VIDEO - Hanging Baskets Watercolor

Hello Ai Fans!

Welcome to a Watercolor Wednesday ... On a Friday! Bonnie was traveling this last week, but she couldn't leave you hanging (pun intended)! So today, we have a beautiful Hanging Baskets video! Bonnie starts by stamping the branch from our Clay Pot set and adding leaves with the vine from our Foliage Set 1. She then uses her Stamp Positioner to add three baskets, two from our Small Containers Set and one from our Wooden Chair Mini Set. She adds some Molotow Masking dots to the sides where she'll have white flowers and then pulls the colors from the lines and adds dimension to the round containers. Next, she adds blooms from our Flower Set 1 and and ivy vines from our Foliage Set 2 New. Bonnie includes a WC Birds Set image on the branch and lines for the baskets with a ruler. For the final touches, she removes the masking and and some dots with her Signo White Pen.

We hope you enjoyed the video this week!

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