Wednesday, September 27, 2017

NEW VIDEO - Flowering Wreath

Hello Ai Fans!

Welcome to a new Watercolor Wednesday with Bonnie! This week, Bonnie shows you how to create a beautiful, blooming wreath with vines, flowers, buds, and branches! To start, she creates a 3" circle with quadrant lines in pencil so she can create a repeating pattern around the wreath. She starts with the vine from our Spring Basket Set in Pine Green and then again in Tropical around the circle. She then adds the flowers from our Chest of Flowers Set between the vines in Aubergine, then softens the image with water. Next, Bonnie adds berries from our new WC Fall Set, inking the buds with Violet and stem in Pine Green. To finish the wreath, she adds a large branch from our new WC Branches Set in Tropical. She erases the pencil lines and adds the sentiment from our WC Sentiment set.

Make sure to sign your beautiful work of art! If you liked this wreath project, leave a comment on the video, so Bonnie knows to make more videos like this! We always appreciate a thumbs up and when you subscribe, too! Have a wonderful week and Happy Watercolor Wednesday!

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