Saturday, April 20, 2019

Watercolor Weekend Roundup - Happy Easter!

Hello, Ai Watercolor Fans! We're here this Easter Weekend with some lovely spring inspiration featuring some of our favorite animal watercolor stamps! Take a look at these projects, we hope they inspire your own creations!

Dot Freel - Instagram - Blog - Pinterest
Hello Friends,

Happy Easter weekend! I made this Easter card for the Art Impressions Watercolor Weekend. I stamped three bunnies from the 4874 - WC Bunnies Set using the 40 brownish grey, then pulled the color out of the lines for the shading. I stamped masks out of post-it tape for the two bunnies then stamped the tree from the 5056 - WC Fairy Doors Set using 969. I used brown 969 from the palette to watercolor the tree and then I stamped the leaves in green 177 from the 4051 - WC Foliage Set 1 and added water to soften the lines. I stamped the basket from UMG4117 in the 40 brownish grey. I used 86 African violet to shade the basket and watercolored each of the eggs with the pink 725, 17 steel blue, 5 yellow, 48 leaf green and 7 orange. I colored the bunny's ear and cheeks using the pink 725. The grass is from the 4051 - WC Foliage Set 1 and stamped in 48 leaf green and the flowers are from the 4868 - WC Flower Set 2 in the green 177 and pink 725. I colored the sky using 75 sky blue. I used my Copic pen to sign and date it. I cut it out and framed it using the 5062 - Rounded Corner Rectangle Dies. The sentiment flag was cut from the 5133 Flag Double Stitched Dies.

Karen Day - Blog - Facebook - Pinterest
Did you know that the Ai Bible Journaling sets make amazing cards? Since I knew that I wanted to use my oval Spellbinder's die set along with 5128 - As The Deer Set, I started by marking it's shape in pencil on my watercolour paper, so that I knew where I wanted my images to be placed. I coloured all of the images with my N57 Warm Grey marker, and other than the stones (where I pulled out the colour a bit for shading, with a damp #4 brush) - I didn't touch the lines, just painted within them. I used 947 Burnt Sienna for the deer and the tree, layering the colour to get the deeper tones. Using the floral cluster from 5074 Bible Flower Set, and my 856 marker, I stamped clusters of flowers and dabbed them with a damp brush to intensify the colour. I used the tiny leaf sprig from the set to add some foliage under the flowers and to the tree branches, using my 177 Dark Jademarker. I also used the 177 with the large and small grasses from the 5073 Bible Foliage set, and then pulled the green colour out to fill in the green areas. I darkened up their hooves and noses with the N57 Warm Grey, and then picked up 565 Deep Blue from my palette and painted in the flowing river. I went back in and added a few ripple marks around the rocks, and added shadows under the deer. This is another card that I think would make a wonderful Try-fold! The stamp set also includes three lovely script sentiments, perfect for journaling.

Tricia O'Bin - Blog - Instagram - YouTube - Pinterest - Facebook
Happy watercolor weekend Peeps! Monday is Earth Day. I thought in honor of that, I would do a post with the As the Deer Set called Earth Day Deer. I love this new watercolor Bible Journaling set. I plan to practice more with it to create lots of serene cards. Do you have a stamp set that reminds you of Earth Day? I would love to check it out…tag us on Instagram with #AIWatercolor.

The Watercolor Piece

I inked up the stamp with the 2 deer with Chocolate and Jet Blue. I added Jet Blue over the Chocolate where the rocks are. I stamped it down on my watercolor paper. I then inked up the land and tree stamp the same way and stamped it above the original stamp, leaving space for the water.

To start off, I lightly pulled the Chocolate color from the lines from each of the deer making sure to leave a highlight. I let each layer dry and slowly built up the color. On the deer at the top, I made sure to leave the top of his face white. I used a fine point to darken in the eyes and noses on the deer.

Next, I pulled the color out of the lines from the landscape. I pulled color from underneath the rocks and dragged it into the water. I added some Cyan and Navy Blue to my palette. I added the color to the water. Once the water was dry, I added some Chocolate to create shadows.

I added Dark Jade to my palette and added grass to the grassy areas of the stamp. Additionally, I added some Dark Jade to the small grasses from the original foliage set and stamped it in several places. Make sure you ink, walk out your stamp and pull the color out using an up and out brush stroke.

Lastly, I inked the flower bunch from the original flower set inked in Rhodamine Red and stamped several places around the scene. I pulled the color out of the lines. Remember to sign and date your work, which evidently, I don’t seem to remember all the time. LOL

Check out my blog to see all the details on creating the rest of the card.
Thanks, designers! What lovely projects! We can't help but think of Bambi and Thumper with all these deer and bunny cards! Such fun creations inspired by spring!

We hope you'll comment below what you think of these cards - we love hearing your feedback! Have a great day, and Happy Stamping!


Carol H. said...

All your cards are so beautiful! I so enjoy seeing your creations every weekend! Many blessings to each of you this glorious Easter!

see mary stamp said...

Love the springtime colors in Dot's bunny card. The As the Deer set is so striking. I love seeing two different takes on it with Karen's and Tricia's cards.