Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Final Fan Groups Features

Hello Ai fans!

 Today is bittersweet.
Today is our last Fan Groups share for September but that means that Jil from the Design Team will be back next week!!  Hooray!

This group of artists who filled in while Jil was on leave have provided SO much inspiration!

Although this is the final week you'll see their creations on the Art Impressions blog you can join one of (or both) Ai fan groups on FB to continue to see all sorts of cards, projects, get tips, ask questions, etc. 

Art Impressions Stamp Group

The Art Impressions Way

For our final Fan Groups Share we're kicking things off with Toni Woods.

Her scene is a little bit Kendra...the wreath and dots! and a little bit Bonnie...The church and the colors.  (minus the yellow...lol!) She used 5058 Church Set, 5067 Gates of Righteousness,  4051  Foliage Set 1,  5126  Foliage Set 4, 4867 Foliage Set 2, 5074 Foliage  Bible Flower Set, 5129  He Leads Me    

Sharon Caudle was a long time, extremely valued Design Team member.  We are so grateful that she agreed to come back, even if for a short time.   What other excuses can we come up with to keep her comping back?  lol!  She used 5399 – Gull-Friends Set on her adorable card. 

Ruthan Plant is one of the co-founders of The Art Impressions Way on FB.  She's usually famous for her watercolor nature scenes but this time she created a stunning holiday scene.  We love her creative spirit...her pinecones are artichokes!!  Can you believe it?!
5424  WC Veggies Set, 5418 WC Bible Foliage Set 2, 5126  WC Foliage Set 4, 4963. WC Fall Set

Roberta Bostrom created a beautiful river scene.
Even if you don't like to fish you MUST feel the peacefulness this amazing scene makes you feel!
She used silhouettes, small rocks, stone creek, tree set and foliage set 4.

             A while back Kendra challenged Ruthan and everyone to create a Terrarium.  Michelle Hoskins took that challenge head on!!  She created this amazing little scene with glass that is just above and beyond! 
She used Southwest set #4763. 

Kathy Acres is just one of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet.   She is one of the founding members of the Art Impressions Way on FB.  She is one of the few people that both watercolors and loves the regular Ai stamps!  Today she's sharing her cute snow people scene.   She used the Sparkle & Cheer Set #4935 and the Christmas Wonder Set #4936

Irm Fondse-Beerens is famous for her butterflies!
She used multiple containers to create this sweet scene.  She used...
4702 - Wooden Door (Wreath), 4701 - Claypot,  5416 - Vintage Car set,  5373 - LG Tree set,  5009 - Mini Flower,  5418 - Bible Foliage set 2.  5126 - Foliage 4,  4966 - Bird Bath set,  5055 - Sitting Places set,  4051 - Foliage 1,  5258 - Flower 4,  4965 - Branches,  4960 - Fir Tree set,  5136 - Sentiment set 2

Fiona Garner has joined us for the last week and has two sweet cards!  For her first card she use 5349 – Koalas Set from the Funny Farm Series.

For Fiona's second card she used the ever popular 5399 – Gull-Friends Set. 

Diane Mason has a different style than a lot of watercolor artists.  She paints very bold colors. We look forward to seeing more and more of her work in the fan groups!
5426 - WC Veggies, 
5069 - WC Harvest Set, 4868 - WC Flower Set 2, 4867 - WC Foliage Set 2
5418 - Bible Foliage Set 2, 4964 - WC Branches Set, 4701 - Clay Pot     

Debbie Hedges has been an Ai fan for just about forever!  She created such an adorable lake scene with beautiful shades of greens, blues and purples!  She used
5118 - WC Beach Girls Set,  5258 - WC Flower Set 4,  5009 - WC Mini Flower Set,  4875 - WC Garden Wagon Mini Set,  5414 - WC Small Rocks Set,  5415 - WC Rocks Set,  4051 - WC Foliage Set 1,  4867 - WC Foliage Set 2,  5126 - WC Foliage Set 4,  5372 - WC Mini Foliage Set,  4603 - WC Blooming Birdhouse,  5062 - Rounded Rectangle Double-Stitched Dies

De Furey created a lovely bird bath scene.  We love the subtle background she created to highlight her pretty garden.
Scrapbook.com exclusive Hydrangeas, 4052 – WC Flower Set 1, 4051 – WC Foliage Set 1, 4872 – WC Birds Set, 4966 – WC Bird Bath Set, 5018 – WC Cobblestone Set

How many of you miss Diane Zechman  being on the Art Impressions DT as much as we do? She's such a talented artist.  For our final fan share she used MB Template, MB Birthday set, MB Kitchen Set, MB Wall Accessories, MB Cat Accessories, 5038- Ghoul Friend Set.

On behalf of everyone at Art Impressions I'd like to thank all of these amazing artists who shared their talents with us each Tuesday this September.  Their work has been an inspiration and we are thankful they chose to participate. 

Happy Stamping everyone!

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