Sunday, April 14, 2024

Nursery Rhymes Journal By Tricia

Hey Watercolor Fans,

I am so happy to share my newest watercolor journal.  I am taking another stab at Nursery Rhymes.  I re-did "Mary Had A Little Lamb" with an actual lamb.  Otherwise, these are different nursery rhymes. I did shorten some of them as I couldn't image reading some of them to children, LOL.

This one was so much fun to create.  I hope you will give some of these a try. 
Here is how I created the paintings on the cover. 

Front Cover:

I planned out where I wanted the N and R, then I penciled in the words, and masked them off.
Next, I inked them up with yellow and pink  and stamped them onto watercolor paper positioned over the words – making sure to leave space for your cow and moon and star.

Cow Jumped Over the Moon
I painted in the moon using yellow. Make sure you make the sides darker than the middle.  Using my positioner, I inked up the cow in brown and stamped him over the moon. Add a small amount of water to the cow for depth.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
I inked up the star with Yellow and stamped it down. 

I pulled the color out of the lines (N & R and star) into the background instead of into the stamp leaving it white. I added additional color (wet in wet technique) and moved it around the cow, moon and star.  Once it was completely dry, went over the words with a black marker, erased the lines, and added some white gel pen marks around the star.

Don’t forget to sign and date (and not like me where it gets covered by the clasp, lol).


Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

I used the Roses and the Pansies (throwback set – poppy set could also be used) sets.  Using the single bloom, I randomly stamped the rose in different orientations around the frame. I made a few masks for the rose so I could tuck some underneath each other. I made sure to leave white space to add my violets.  Once the roses were stamped, I inked up the pansies (I actually did this part twice because I got wrapped up in purple and forgot the violets are blue…LOL – easy fix.  Once it was completely dry, I just added a glaze of blue over it…VIOLA! I pulled the color out of the lines making sure to leave some highlights for depth.

Back Cover:

Little Bo Peep

Using the back of the Front/Back Girl I inked her with dark blue and stamped her into the bottom corner of the page. Next, I inked the mini cabin up and stamped it on the left side of her.  The perspective of the house will depend where you place it.  I chose to put it about waist high so you see mostly sky and the house appears to be off in the distance.  I pulled the color out of the lines where the shadows would be.  Next, I added some additional color to her hat, hair and bow from my palette.  I added some green below the house and blue to the sky using the wet in wet technique. Once the sky dried completely, I painted in her staff.

I cut the journal out and used various papers from the paper packs to match the painting.

That's it.  Be sure to sign and date your paintings.  Once I complete all of the paintings, I die cut the journal and assemble.  If you want to see the rest of the journal, check out my social media and blog. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!

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Sharon Caudle said...

So amazing Tricia! You knocked it out of the park!

Hunky Dory said...

Wow! Your journal is fantastic! What a treasure!