Wednesday, May 9, 2018

NEW VIDEO - Glass Vase with Flowers Watercolor

Hello Ai Fans!

Welcome to a new Watercolor Wednesday! This week, Bonnie creates a translucent glass vase, showing the submerged stems of her beautiful bouquet of wildflowers. She starts by stamping part of the left side of the container in Brownish Gray, and then uses her Stamp Positioner to stamp part of the right side to create a smaller vase. Bonnie masks the top of the vase and stamps her flowers and some foliage, then switches her masking to add some stems on the inside. Next, she adds some blue to the glass and a wash of purple on the outer edges. For the final touch, Bonnie adds some white pen details to give the glass a sheen and a highlight on the flowers.

We hope you like this new project and how you can extend the use of your stamps with this cool technique! Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube challenge for the latest notifications of new uploads!

Happy Stamping!

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