Saturday, July 31, 2021

Watercolor Weekend Roundup Final Summer 2021 New Releases!

 Hello Ai fans!

It's time for another Watercolor Weekend Roundup!

These are the 1st and 3rd weekend of every month but we make exceptions like today when we have new releases.  Our WC Design Team always has something special to share with you.  Today it's the last of the summer 2021 watercolor new releases!

Check out all of their fabulous inspiration below!

We'll kick things off with Karen!

's been a great few weeks slowly releasing the new Art Impressions Watercolor stamps on the Ai blog.  We've reached the end!  The last 4 sets will be available for purchase on the Ai website (here!) today.  I made a slimline card using two of the new sets:

There are 3 new Silhouette sets, this is 5428 - WC Silhouette Horses, and the fences are part of 5416 - WC Vintage Car Set.  The barn is from the previously released 5262 - WC Mini Cabins Set, trees are 5372 - WC Mini Foliage, and the fence is from 5371 - WC Barn Set.  The rocks are the new 5415 - WC Rocks Set.

I started by stamping my barn and fences, to determine where everything would go, and then I sketched in the mountains, hillsides and driveway.  I then painted them all in with a light wash, as I knew I'd be stamping overtop, and didn't want to have to paint around the small images.  With my stamp positioner, I added in the two horses, being careful to place the slightly larger one in the foreground, and the smaller horse slightly back.  I added in the rocks and trees, darkening them with several different colours.  To brighten things up, I added grasses and a few dots of yellow as wildflowers, and painted in the barn.  Finally I used my #565 Tombow to add shadows where needed.

By the way, these are very well behaved horses that don't leave through the open gate...

Thanks Karen!

Did you catch the new releases on Wednesday with Bonnie and her tutorial?  If not you can always find them on Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.


 Now we have Tricia...

Who is as excited as I am about the next NEW Watercolor Release from Art Impressions?  It is bulging again!  This week the new Silhouettes (including deer, horses and skaters) and the Vintage Card set. I am so excited as I see all the possibilities for Christmas Cards, Winter cards, masculine cards and cards for any occasion. 


Here is how I made this card project.


I started out by inking the WC Stone Creek Scene with N89.  This is a really light gray.  I wasn’t sure where I wanted to place the deer so I wanted to make it as light as possible.  I went back in with some green along the lines to darken them up.


At this point I wasn’t sure how I wanted to place my deer, so I stamped them all onto some post-it tape and cut them out.  I used the masks to move the deer around until I was happy with their placement.  I inked the deer with brown and lifted each one individually so I could make sure they were where I had them.  You could use a positioner but I just decided to wing it (except for the one with his head in the water, he needed to be positioned). 


Using my small brush (#1), I added some color from my palette to the rocks.  Make sure to start pulling the color from the bottom and leaving a highlight on top to give them dimension.  I added some additional brown and blue to them to give them some added interest.  I finished them up by using my twintone marker to darken some of the rock shadows.  I added blue and purple to the water making sure that my brush strokes followed the lines of the banks. It is dark on one side fading out to a lighter color.  I also added some 569 to get some shadows into the water.  The areas in front of the rocks would be really dark. 


Using the masks I created at the beginning, I covered the two upper deer and inked up the tree line from the Mini Foliage set.  I followed the gray line that was created by the Stone Creek stamp. I added water to soften the lines.   I also pulled some of the color out into the hills making sure to leave it light at the center.  I added some additional green from my palette to the ground, but I didn’t go all the way out, I stayed where the deer and water are.  I added some green shadows under the deer.  Next, I inked the small pine tree from the Mini Foliage set (I love this set!) and stamped it on either side of the card to create a forest illusion 😊.  And as you know, we almost always use the small grass in our paintings and this is no exception.  I stamped it a few places around the rocks and river bank.  I went back in with some additional dark green to highlight the river bank.


For the sky I added some blue from my palette (watered down) and dropped it in several places pushing the color around.  I then use a paper towel to dab and pull some of the color up. I like to leave the hard edges sometimes and soften others.  I took a bit of blue and brown (gray) and added that in the same fashion after the first layer was dry.


I added some water to the deer to soften them, if you push the paint towards the areas that would be the darkest, it creates a nice shadow.  Once they were dry, I darkened some of the undersides of them.  To finish the scene, I thought it needed some trees, Using the tree branch from the Mini Foliage Set (Shocking right) and just stamped it in a few spots, no water required.  I signed and dated. 


This project took a little more time but it was worth it.  This makes a perfect card for any occasion including men’s birthday (perfect hunter card!...maybe).  Check out my blog if you want to know how I created the card itself.  I hope you are all doing well and I really appreciate you spending your time with us.  Make sure to use the #aiwatercolor on Instagram and tag us to make sure we see what you are creating.  I can tell you I am so impressed by each and every one of you and so humbled by your love and appreciation.  Keep painting and sharing…we LOVE it and you!


Have a crafty day!

And last but not least, Dot!


This is the last of the new Watercolor Releases from Art Impressions for the summer. I made a fall card using the brand new 5416 Vintage Car Set. To make it, use the Tombow 979 and 565 to ink the car, stamp it off first then stamp it on your watercolor paper and pull the color out of the lines. I colored the tires in N35, the windows in 565 and the body of the car in 947. The tree is from the 5373 Lg Tree Set and I inked it in 969 but forgot to stamp it off. I wish I would have since it's a little dark for yellow and orange leaves 025, 933. I used 158 for the green foliage from the 4875 Garden Wagon Set and 4867 Foliage Set but you can use whatever foliage and flowers you have for pretty much any scene. I used 837 for the red flowers from the 4052 Flower Set. The tall leave stems are from the 5126 Foliage Set 4 inked in 947. The yellow grass is inked in 025 and 933 from the 5196 Desert Set. The sky is 565. I used the 5065 Oval Double Stitched Dies and the 5063 Double Stitched Rectangle Dies. Hope you give it a try!

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