Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hi AI Fans
I hope you had a greate New year. I made a card with this lovely cat  Feline Flop (M4186)
and  the "HUGS" text comes from Valentine Bear Set (4218) 

 I´ll try to describe how to make grass under someone who is lying in the grass.
It becomes a series of images.

Color the stamp first, when you started with the grass, you can not go back and touch up any.

Paint where you whant have the shadows under the subject, and color the ground below.

I have´t paint the ground on this because I want you to se the gras.

Start with pen / brush at the grass root and paint / draw upward. 

Grass usually grows in tufts, unless you have a perfect lawn: O).

Draw grass that goes up on the subject

Varying shades of green, until you're satisfied, then cut out your stamp.
Good luck!

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