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Watercolor Weekend Roundup ~ New WC Foundation Stamps!


Hello, Ai Fans!

Welcome to another Watercolor Weekend Roundup!

We're back with some wonderful inspiration for you!  Our fabulous Watercolor Guest Design Team has created some beautiful cards using the brand new
WC Foundation Sets.

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Tricia O'Bin - Blog - Instagram - YouTube - Pinterest - Facebook

Hi Watercolor Fans, welcome back to watercolor weekend here on the Art Impressions blog.  We are so thrilled to be able to join in the launch of the NEW watercolor stamps.  Today’s project spotlights one of the new foundation stamps.  I love everything about these as you have a scene already created for you and all you need to do is fill it with flowers and foliage, easy peasy.  Come along with me and I’ll tell you how I created this Potting Bench.

The potting bench and containers

To start off, I inked the entire background stamp up with 969.  I also added some 569 (you could also use 565) to the pail and watering can.  This is a big stamp so before I stamped it down, I huffed on the entire image.  (Tip: the moisture in your breath will reactivate the ink on the stamp.)  I stamped it into the middle of the watercolor paper.

As with all projects, I started out by pulling the color out of the lines towards the center of the potting bench and each of the containers, one at a time.  Using my palette, I added additional color, making sure to concentrate the darker color where the shadows would be to create a more realistic look.

I added some pink to the container on the top left and blue to the bird house.  To add a bit of interest, I painted a couple of flowers onto to the bird house.

The flowers and foliage

There are so many wonderful pots, I chose several flowers from a few different sets.  You should use what you have, anything will work.  There is really no rhyme or reason to what I chose I kinda just did one at a time.  

I started with the long vine from the WC Foliage Set 3 inked with 249 (I am using 2 different greens to get a variety). To make sure I placed the vine where I wanted it, I used my stamp positioner and also masking tape to protect the areas I didn't want to stamp.  I added water to soften the leaves.

I also used the positioner to stamp the cacti into the top pots.  Using the ink on my positioner, I added some additional color to the cacti, making sure to leave white space along the tops.  Even though the stamp doesn't have flowers, I painted in some pink flowers.

For the middle of the potting bench, I used the big puffy flower from the Watering Can set.  I inked it first with 925 and stamped it several times around the box container.  I reinked the stamp with 725 and stamped that several times on top of the orange.  I added water, making sure to keep some white space, which created a really nice color mixture.  I continued this process on the rest of the containers. 

The hat and background

For the hat, I added some 925 starting from the darkest areas and pulling the color toward the brim.  I left white space along the brim and lighter color to the front of the hat.  Once that was dry, I continued to add additional color.  For fun I added lines and painted in flowers.

I added a shadow below the potting bench and blue for a light background, this adds some additional dimension.  Finally, the finishing touches, I used a marker to darken some of the areas I thought needed a little more color.  By adding darker shadows it really makes your painting pop.

And last but not least, I signed and dated my work.

 Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed our projects spotlighting the new Watercolor Stamps release.  We will have more for you so don't forget to check back often.  Tag us on Instagram so we can see your projects.  Also use the hashtag #AIWatercolor so everyone can see your awesome projects.  Have a crafty day!

Dot Freel - Instagram - Blog - PinterestYouTube

I bet you are as excited as I am about the brand new Art Impression's stamps. The brand new four foundations are fabulous! They take the work out of creating a scene like this one - no planning or masking. It's a game changer. Use any flowers or animals and use any colors you like. I chose to use this stamp set for my favorite red, white and blue theme because of the three chairs. I stamped the foundation from the 5433 Foundations Chairs in with N45 which doesn't really allow you to pull the color out of the lines but I was ok with that. I just used the palette to watercolor everything in and then used 565 to add shading and shadows. I drew in the USA pennant. I used the Molotow masking pen to add the white dots and the lines on the pots in the middle. 

Karen Day - Blog - Facebook - Pinterest - Instagram

 I'm using the wonderful 5434 - WC Foundations Wood Table today!  I decided that I would make my scene a Farmer's Market - just think of all the different things you could put in those containers!

Before I started, I stamped out all of the images from WC Peeking Animals, and WC Veggies to create masks.  The first thing I stamped was the pumpkin!  Using #933 Orange/#177 Dark Jade, then covered it with a mask.  After stamping my foundations image in Tombow #969/#565, I started by stamping the squirrel in #947 Burnt Sienna, and the possum (??) in #992 Sand.  Then, I went to town masking like crazy.  I masked off the edges of each pot, so that the veggies would appear to be in them.  I'm just going to list all of the images and colours used:  Eggplants #636 Imperial Purple; Tomatoes #856 Chinese Red; Broccoli #249 Hunter Green; Artichokes #076 Green Ochre; Yellow Peppers #993 Chrome Orange.  I used the Salvia from 4052 - WC Flower Set 1 in #565 in the top bucket, and the bloom from 4605 - Spring Basket in #856 in the lower bucket.

I painted all of them in by picking up the colour from my palette, adding it in layers to achieve deeper colours.  The warm pots are painted in #947, the blue ones in #493 Reflex Blue, and the greys and wood table are all painted by mixing combinations of #969/#565.  The large grass from 4051 - WC Foliage Set 1 was stamped in #177 around the containers and the colour was pulled out with a damp brush.  I used #565 to create shadows around the sides, under rims and in all the darker corners of my veggies & pots!  #493 was painted in as the sky, and I stamped the sentiment from 5136 - WC Sentiment Set 2 on a circle of watercolour paper cut with the 5064 - Circle Double Stitched Die.  The entire scene was cut out with the largest 5063 - Rectangle A2 Double Stitched Die.

Isn't this design team WONDERFUL?!

Hope you enjoyed this weekend's inspiration.

Do you watercolor the Ai way?
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Happy Stamping!

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