Saturday, September 18, 2021

Watercolor Weekend Roundup 9-18-2021

Hello watercolor fans! 
It's time for Watercolor Weekend Roundup!
This weekend our Watercolor Design Team is all about the fall scenes!
Tricia has a fall table full of pumpkins and apples,  Dot has another wonderful "farmhouse chic" creation...this time in a fall theme and Karen has a stunning scene using the new Vintage Car.  You can see the leaves in her trees beginning to change.

 Hi Watercolor Fans, Happy Almost Fall! It is one of my favorite seasons here in New England. I thought I would welcome all the things that make me feel fallish and put them on a card.

 I added the Blessed & Grateful sentiment at the bottom which I find is pretty perfect for those Thanksgiving cards. The Painting To start, I inked the WC Foundations Wood Table stamp with 969. I stamped it in the middle of my watercolor paper and pulled the color out of the lines. Using my palette, I added some additional color to the pots. To add some interest, I painted in a flower on one of the pots and decorated the other pots using the fine point of my 606. To mask the pots, I used small post it tape strips and using the stamp positioner, placed the pumpkins and apples into the pots. I added layers of yellow and orange to the pumpkins and green to the stems. I added red in layers to the apples. For the watering can flowers, I inked up the single stem from WC Flower Set 4 with 606 and 177. I stamped it multiple times before reinking it. I added water to the leaves and buds. For the grass, I inked the small grass with green and stamped it in several places below and beside the pots. I inked the small dots with red and stamped a few above the grasses to create some wildflowers. I masked off the pumpkins and apples and stamped the small wheat with yellow and brown behind the pots underneath the table. I inked the ferns up with green and stamped them around the outside of the scene. For a last final touch, I inked a branch with brown and stamped it around the outside. I used some blue to create a simple cloudy sky. I finished it off with my initials and date. It is so amazing to go back and look at your previous years’ work. It truly shows you how much you have grown as an artist. So that’s my Blessed & Grateful card for this weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful creative weekend and thank you for stopping by and spending some time with us. Make sure you put your pictures on Instagram and tag us so we can see what you come up with! #AIWatercolor See you next time! SUPPLIES:

Are you ready for the bi-monthly Art Impressions Watercolor Weekend? I created another "Shabby Chic" scene as Renee from Art Impressions called it, but this one has a fall theme. It's pretty fast and would be good for a fall birthday or Thanksgiving card, don't you think?

 You could use whatever containers, foliage or flower stamps you already have but you need some pumpkin stamps from the 5426 Veggies Set or the 5059 Harvest Set and the apples and basket stamps from the 5059 Harvest Set. Stamp the watering can first from the 5123 Decorative Jar Set inked in the 969 then 565 Tombow pens and stamp it off before stamping it onto your watercolor paper. Cover it with post-it tape to stamp the pumpkin next to it inked in 969. Then you cover that pumpkin with a mask and stamp the other pumpkin. Mask that pumpkin then stamp a pot over the pumpkins as it is behind them. Ink the basket in 969 then stamp it next to the watering can. Cover it with post-it tape and stamp the apples inked in 969 into the basket. Pull the color out of the lines on everything. Color the basket with 947 and 026. Color the apples with, 158, 847 and 993, leaving a white highlight. Stamp the flowers from the 5008 Flower Set 3 inked in 026 onto the watering can. Stamp the foliage from the 5126 Foliage Set 4 on the can inked in 925. The yellow, red and brown foliage is from the 4963 Fall Set. The curly branches are from the 4964 Branches Set inked in 947. The orange pumpkin is colored in with 925 and a little 847. The green pumpkin is colored with 026. Use the brown Tombow TwinTone pen for the stems and curly cues. The pot is colored in with 969 and the flowers are from the Flower Set 4052 inked in 847 and the foliage is from 5126 inked in 249. The shiplap wall is made when you are done using a pencil, t-ruler and then a little Tombow 565 for the shadows. Hope you give this a try and tag me in it!


 Hello Ai Watercolor fans!
I have really been loving all the purple that I've seen recently in a lot of fall cards, and decided to incorporate it into my scene using 5416 - WC Vintage Card Set:

I coloured the car with Tombow markers #969 Chocolate/565 Deep Blue, and then did the same with the barn from 5371 - WC Barn Set, using my Stamp Positioner to get the placement right.  I also used it for my fence, as I wanted it to appear along side the car - and I only coloured a portion of it.  I sketched in the hillsides, the path to the barn and the roadway, then after masking the barn, I stamped the trees from 5372 - WC Mini Foliage around it, and used the foliage stamp in the set to add the leaves using #933 Orange, #177 Dark Jade and #126 Light Olive.  I painted a wash of #177 on the hillsides, then masked them off and stamped the pine tree from the set in various heights to create a line of trees in the distance.

I used my damp brush to pull the colour out from the lines on the car, and then picked up #493 Reflex Blue from my palette and painted several layers on it to look worn and a bit faded.  I followed the packaging from the stamp set for most of my design as it works so well!  Using the daisy bunch with #933 Orange and #856 Chinese Red, I stamped flower clusters around the car, and then did the same with the vine from 5126 - WC Foliage Set 4 using #177 Dark Jade and #636 Imperial Purple.  After dabbing everything with my brush, I added some rocks from 5415 - WC Rocks Set in the foreground, shading them with greys & blues.  Using the grasses from Foliage Set 4, I filled in around the base of the car and fence.  I added shades of #969 Chocolate and #565 Deep Blue to the fence to darken the wood.  The barn was painted with #856 Chinese Red with a little brown mixed in to dull the colour, and the grey tones were added to the roof.  Some #493 was painted in as the sky.

These designers work hard on each card they make for your inspiration!
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